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Default Re: Open Battle: Osha-WHAT vs Hitmonfighter


[Kibago] Axew (F)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Health: 61%
Energy: 47%
Status: Alternating between hate and want. (FRZN, ATR)
Swagger ~ Draco Meteor


[Punch] Scraggy (M)
Ability: Shed Skin
Health: 82%
Energy: 30%
Status: All he has to do is focus on keeping the lead.
Chill/Counter/Dragon Dance ~ Chill/Counter/Dragon Dance


Kibago immediately began to wriggle and writhe the best that she could, her muscles straining and flexing within her ice block. She clawed at the place she’d felt giving before, and heard a slight groan as the ice shifted. It seemed immovable, however; Kibago growled in frustration and reluctantly began to shiver and wait, glaring with angry red eyes at Punch.

Punch gave a smile of relief and flopped down onto the grass, landing on his red underbelly and watching the clouds go by up above. He could feel a blessed recession of fatigue in his muscles and joints, as well as the small collection of scratches he’d gathered during the battle. He let his eyes half-close in pleasure, thinking that he pretty much had all the time in the world.

However, Kibago was about to prove him wrong. She scraped her claws in the ice, shoving her body weight forward, then...




The ice block shattered into frigid little fragments. Punch jolted in surprise as Kibago stood before him, grinning intimidatingly at her foe.

Kibago lifted her hands into the air, calling up the ancient and mystical powers of dragons. A swirling vortex of orange energy appeared between her palms, pulsing with power. It quickly began to resolve itself into an orange sphere, which Kibago threw at her foe. Punch squeaked with dismay at the sight of the incoming energy-fireball, then shrieked in pain as the power of the attack sent him flying; he felt like his whole body was burning. Kibago grimaced; she could feel the drop in her power after such an all-out powerful attack. The look on Punch’s face, however, was worth it.

Punch straightened himself rather stiffly, thinking his conditionals over. Kibago had used a move other than physical, so he was to use... Dragon Dance. He closed his eyes and began to stretch, spinning, twisting, and mocking punches; he was loosening up his muscles for speed of movement and precision of attack. He could feel his body limbering up, powerful and ready to take on anything. For a second, a faint blue-and-red aura flickered around him before it vanished.

He looked at Kibago, who was still picking ice shards out of her thin scales. She was beginning to narrow the gap, but...

They were both determined. Fatigue would likely decide this battle, and they were both pretty much even in said department.



[Kibago] Axew (F)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Health: 61%
Energy: 33%
Status: Hoping for a comeback. (ATR)


[Punch] Scraggy (M)
Ability: Shed Skin
Health: 71%
Energy: 29%
Status: Not particularly pleased or angry. (+1 ATK, SPD)


Kibago: (Draco Meteor: -14% Energy)
Punch: (Chill +6% Energy; Draco Meteor: -11% HP; Dragon Dance: -7% Energy, +1 ATK, SPD)
Kibago’s FRZ Rolls were 98 and 29, with 1-30 thawing.
Kibago’s ATR Roll was 18, with 1-75 attacking.
Draco Meteor’s Acc Roll was 76, with 1-90 hitting.
Draco Meteor’s Crit Roll was 44, with 1-6.25 Critting.

Osha-WHAT, your moves please.
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