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Default Personal In-Game Challenge

Iíve been wondering...with all these Nuzlocke challenges, does anyone else use their own personalized challenges when playing though the Pokemon games like I do? Iíve been doing it Iíve noticed the past few years without even realizing it until a month or so ago. This is personally what I do. I've decided to keep a log of it for my failure embarrassment and your entertainment.

This is strictly how Iíve been playing the game for the last few years, and since Iíve been seeing all these Nuzlocke challenges show up, I thought what the hey, I could post this. Iíve decided to amp it up a bit with my third run through of Unova on White. Considering I had to run through White as fast as I possibly could, trying to get Poketransfer for my friends who wanted to play in-game with their own teams they had prepared, I didnít have much of a chance to explore things. Having restarted, Iíve finally decided to follow a more difficult version of my usual rules.

If anyone wants to try my style of playing the games, feel free to do so. You may use my ĎMore Rulesí as your Optional Rules. My main stuff gotta stay though.

Sabiís Personal Challenge

Main Rules:
  • Can only use Pokeballís given at the beginning of the game to capture Pokemon for main team. After main team is captured, purchase of other Pokeballís may be used to catch Pokemon, but these Pokemon canít be used.
  • Three strikes and game over; Pokemon fainting = strike

More Rules:
  • Team has to have a theme.
  • May only use MooMoo Milk in replacements for Potions. [When available in certain games]
  • One ball toss per species of Pokemon. Failure to capture disallows use of said Pokemon.
  • No two Pokemon can be captured in the same area.
  • In battle, must use a Pokemon your opponent has a type advantage against whenever possible. [Eg. Opponent has fire, you use grass/bug/ice.]
  • Pokemon cannot faint in Gym Battles or the battle must be done over.
  • Must use nicknames.
  • May not use given eggs/Pokemon or in game trades for party Pokemon. May not trade in Pokemon from outside games for Party.
  • HM slaves are not permitted
  • Held items in battle are prohibited.
  • Cannot run from wild encounters.
  • Legendary Pokemon use is banned.
  • May only heal HP outside of battle.

Other Rules Iíve used before but arenít using in this run:
  • Must see end credits in under 24 hours of gameplay. [I wanna take it nice and easy this time >_< Iíve done this with every other game I have however.]
  • May only heal outside of battle if in a town. [Basically a harder version of a rule Iím using, inspired by random angry Ursaring encounters in the anime.]

Log ONE: The Beginning

So in the beginning I went with Tepig this time, spamming the A button to get past the two first battles without paying much attention. I swear itís impossible to lose them. Getting through the usual blah blah explanatory of the whole journey Pokedex quest, I named my little Tepig Daouli, which is apparently Greek for Ďdrumí. Going on past more tutorial stuff, explaining, the first steps, I finally get my Pokeballs. Six chances to capture my team. Though I remember her giving me just five last time. Moving on, I have my first wild encounter with a Patrat. Daouli took it out no problem and I move on to Accumula Town. A Pokemon Center tutorial later, I head out and listen to Ghestis talk his talk and walk off with his little posse. Then I battle N, still only having Daouli as my only Pokemon. A few Tackles later, N leaves, and thus Iím free to wander again.

Heading out onto the next Route, mom finally gives me my running shoes. As I cheer for my new fast footwear, I decide to go grinding, hoping to find a Purrloin for my team. I run into a Lillipup, and never really having a fondness for those things, but knowing I canít run, I proceed to beat the sleep out of it. My lack of attention caused Daouli to take a critical hit and almost faint, almost a first strike within twenty minutes of game time. Luckily Daouli manages to knock the sucker out and Iím free to heal him with my only Potion. As I look for Purrloin, I manage to find one. It being male, I decided to knock it out in hopes of finding a female. About a half hour later of Patrat and Lillipup, and my Daouli now level 12, Iím wondering if putting that first Purrloin out was a bad idea. God those things were scarce. I headed over to the Pokemon Center in Striaton City, only to forget that Bianca shows up and challenges you. Still only having my Tepig, I couldnít avoid using it against her Snivy. After healing, I decide to take one last look in the bushes. Getting tired, I was ready to turn around and try and do a solo Pokemon run until I hit Wellspring Cave. Thatís when I found another one, and luckily to my liking, it was female.

Knowing any one attack will knock it out, I spam Defense Curl in hopes my [hopefully] new Pokemon will spam Growl so I can hit it without OHKOing the purple feline. Well a few growls later so that Daouliís attack is completely off, I go to use Tackle. To my frustration, I yell at my pixelated pig about a critical hit. Another Purrloin gone after a fail strategy. I should of just thrown a stupid ball. As I try to leave again, I have another wild encounter, to my luck, another female Purrloin. Attempting failed plan A again, it turns out successful with a couple Tackleís and one ball toss, I successfully get my Purrloin, and name the devious bugger Alula, which is apparently the technical term for a group of small quill feathers on the first digit of a birds wing. Huh, who knew.

Thus, after one of my ĎFINALLYí moments, I retire for the night, looking so forward to grinding the purple demon cat tomorrow.

Team Stats:
Theme: Random names that are in a dictionary somewhere.
Daouli [M] Tepig LVL 13
Alula [F] Purrloin LVL 4

Strikes: 0
Pokeball's Remaining: 5/6
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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