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Default Re: Individual RP: bleepbloop

OOC: It's a little bizarre. If it was a Psychic-type Pokemon, it would still have been acceptable, except it's a little too far-fetched for a trainer to have telekinesis powers. If you really want to include it in, you'd have to include some kind of back story that explains how you got that power, and the power of your telekinesis must still be quite restricted.

NBP #3
Ranger Ataro


As I was waiting for Ditto to return, I took another look at my trainer's information on a card again. There was something uneasy that I've felt after I gave the letter to Ditto, but I just couldn't pinpoint what it was. I skimmed through the data and saw various information, including his name, his age, his weight and height, his bio-data ... wait. His name. It was Mizuiro ... and not Mizurio. I raised my palm to smack myself in the head instead; half exasperated and half amused at how I could have made that blunder. Regardless, I continued to wait for my trainer to arrive.

Just as I had finished my thought, a poof of light sparkled in front of me and my Ditto-Mew materialized ahead of me once again, except this time with my trainer and his Pokemon. I had expected my trainer to be older than me since I saw his information, but I was still taken aback a little by the fact that I was younger than him and leading him through the Park. It gave me a sense of discomfort, simply because he was older than me.

"Hello, you must be Ataro, Iím Mizuiro," he said in a deep low voice. "This is my Scizor, Sky, and itís a pleasure to meet you," he said courteously, while I gave a quick bow to acknowledge back his courtesy.

"Sorry Mizuiro, I just noticed I had accidentally spelled your name wrongly in the letter," I explained uncomfortably.

Even though I was feeling a little nervous, I wasn't about to let my trainer think that his ranger was an inexperienced one. I proceeded to cut to the chase as I knew he had came to the Park in hopes of adding new Pokemon to his team, and I wouldn't want to bore him out by talking and chit-chatting out here all afternoon.

"Alright! Let's go!" I exclaimed, while leading the way with Snorlax. "There might be Pokemon encounters as we travel around the Botanic Gardens and of course, there are some areas which have more highly concentrated Pokemon living in that area. We will get to those areas eventually. Speaking of battles though, are you interested in double battles? There are some occasional occurrences where pairs of wild Pokemon appear together to battle instead. If you're not interested, we can take the path on the left ahead when we reach a crossroad, since the one on the right usually has more double battle occurrences. So it's more or less up to your preference." I continued to explain while walking on foot. I waited for my trainer's answer but just before he could reply anything, we were stopped short by our first encounter instead.

"Looks like we got our first encounter! It's an Exeggutor! Interested in one? You have a range of options; ranging from choosing to battle it and thus either defeat it or capture it, or try to escape from it by either trying to sneak away without the wild Pokemon's interference, or use a Pokedoll for a perfect escape chance. Which one will you choose?" I asked.


Current Battle Stats:

??? ??? Exeggutor: 100%
Serious Male Scizor: 100%


Trainer Stats

Name: Mizuiro
Location: Botanic Gardens
Encounters Left: 14
Area Effects: Sunny weather, with frequent windy breezes
Pokemon Encountered: Exeggutor
Pokemon Captured: N/A
MCR: 5501/25000

Available Items: Park Ball x4, Super Ball x3, Hyper Ball x2
Items Used: N/A

Pokemon Stats

Pokemon: Scizor [Active] @ 100%
Nickname: Sky
Gender: Male
Ability: Technician
Nature: Serious
Level Up Moves: Bullet Punch, Vacuum Wave, Quick Attack, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit, False Swipe, Agility, Wing Attack, Metal Claw, Fury Cutter, Slash, Razor Wind, Double Team, Iron Defense, X-Scissor, Night Slash, Double Hit, Air Slash, Iron Head, Swords Dance, Feint
Extra Moves: N/A

Pokemon: Magmortar @ 100%
Nickname: Flame
Gender: Male
Ability: Flame Body
Nature: Modest
Level Up Moves: ThunderPunch, Smog, Leer, Ember, SmokeScreen, Faint Attack, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Flame Burst, Fire Punch, Lava Plume, Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam
Extra Moves: Psychic TM
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