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Angry Project N.U.K.E.M. (updated 7/13)


Credit to Morru Magnum

What does Project N.U.K.E.M. stand for?

(K)Nowing Unnecessary Kool Extra Moves (-Pichu Boy-)
Nefarious Users Kreate Extreme 'Mons (Stormy)
Needlessly Unleashing Killing Engine Moves (Trilobyte)
Never Underestimate Knowing Extra Moves (Eraizaa-kun)
Needing Unlimited Knowledge Extinguishes Money (Eraizaa-kun)
Noting Ur Kewl Extra Moves (Ash K.)
Needlessly Updating Kewl Excess Moves (Ash K.)
Now U're Killing Everyone Mister (Pidge)
No U Kan't Evade Me (VolcanFlame/ChainReaction01)
Nuking U're Kool Excellent Mons (Ice Kyurem)
Now Under Knew Eliteranger Management (Fawkes.)
Now URPG Kindles Enthusiastic Moms (Fierce Deity)
No one Uses Krappy Extra Moves (Toxophilite)
Never Using Known Extra Moves (Synthesis)
Never-ending Upping Knowledge Even More (WinterVines)

It's a fun list of who has the most moves taught on every species of Pokemon in the URPG. Admission into the list is done on a submission basis; however, the minimum number of moves on a Pokemon to be admitted is ten. If a Pokemon of yours has more moves taught than the Pokemon listed, feel free to fill out the following form and post in this thread.

Nickname (not required):
Link to Stats:
Number of Moves Taught (minimum is 10):

You can also post corrections, update on the ownership of a Pokemon, and submit for other trainers. Also, if you come up with what N.U.K.E.M. can stand for, post it. If it makes sense and doesn't seem too similar to any others, I'll put it along with the others. The reason this has been reposted is because I'm going to be keeping an eye on the list in Pidge's stead. So, please post your updates in here from now on.

If you have a Pokemon on this list, feel free to incorporate one of these icons with that Pokemon in your stats!

Abomasnow (12): Eraizaa-Kun's Ace
Absol (18): Ebail's Absol
Accelgor (15): Elamite's Accelgor
Aerodactyl (29): LS' Aerodactyl and Ebail's Aerodactyl
Aggron (17): Neonsands's Bohaggron
Alakazam (41): We Taste Pies...'s Alakasam
Alomomola - NO RECORD
Altaria (23): Loyal Arcanine's Altaria
Ambipom (61): Ataro's Ambipom
Amoonguss - NO RECORD
Ampharos - NO RECORD
Anorith - NO RECORD
Arcanine (32): Loyal Arcanine's Arcanine and iReign's Arcanine
Archen - NO RECORD
Archeops (14): Morru Magnum's Petrif
Ariados (10): Elamite's Ariados
Armaldo (13): Elamite's Armaldo
Audino - NO RECORD
Azurill - NO RECORD
Azumarill - NO RECORD
Baltoy - NO RECORD
Banette - NO RECORD
Barboach - NO RECORD
Basculin - NO RECORD
Bastiodon - NO RECORD
Bayleef - NO RECORD
Beartic (19): derian's Beartic
Beautifly - NO RECORD
Beedrill (10): Elamite's Beedrill
Beheeyem - Dog of Hellsing's Xen
Bellossom - NO RECORD
Bellsprout - NO RECORD
Bibarel (23): Ataro's Bibarel
Bidoof (15): Pidge's Emmadoof aka husnain 3.0
Bisharp (12): ChainReaction01's Koma
Blastoise (12): ChainReaction01's Blastoise
Blaziken (45): ChainReaction01's Stresser
Blissey (40): Loyal Arcanine's Blissey
Blitzle - NO RECORD
Boldore - NO RECORD
Bonsly - NO RECORD
Bouffalant - NO RECORD
Braviary - NO RECORD
Breloom (27): ChainReaction01's Joey
Bronzong (35): Brizer's Dr. Steamy
Bronzor - NO RECORD
Buizel - NO RECORD
Bulbasaur - NO RECORD
Buneary - NO RECORD
Butterfree (12): Neighbourhood-Guest's Miranda
Cacnea - NO RECORD
Cacturne (13): Neonsands's Cacturne
Camerupt (19): Monbrey's Camerupt
Carnivine - NO RECORD
Carracosta (14): AmericanTreeFrog's Carracosta
Carvanha - NO RECORD
Castform (10): Feng's Overlord
Chandelure (40): We Taste Pies...'s Kachina
Chansey - NO RECORD
Charizard (91): Monbrey's Charizard
Charmander - NO RECORD
Charmeleon - NO RECORD
Chatot (14): Scourge of Nemo's Rachmaninoff
Cincinno (11): Synthesis' Skills.can.Kill
Cherrim (10): The pokemaster's Leona
Cherubi - NO RECORD
Chikorita - NO RECORD
Chimchar - NO RECORD
Chimecho (17): Buoysel.'s Chimey
Chinchou - NO RECORD
Chingling - NO RECORD
Clamperl - NO RECORD
Claydol (27): TheEvilDookie's Claydol
Clefable (63): Ash K.'s Clefable
Clefairy - NO RECORD
Cleffa - NO RECORD
Cloyster (19): Liquid Oshawott's Cloyster
Cofagrigus - NO RECORD
Combusken - NO RECORD
Conkeldurr (12): WinterVines's Brin
Corphish - NO RECORD
Corsola - NO RECORD
Cottonee - NO RECORD
Cradily (21): Black Reaper's Cradily
Cranidos - NO RECORD
Crawdaunt - NO RECORD
Croagunk - NO RECORD
Crobat (39): Ataro's Crobat
Croconaw - NO RECORD
Cryogonal - NO RECORD
Crustle (10): Elamite's Crustle
Cubchoo - NO RECORD
Cubone - NO RECORD
Cyndaquil - NO RECORD
Darmanitan (17): Fossil Fusion's Darmanitan
Darumaka - NO RECORD
Deerling - NO RECORD
Delcatty - NO RECORD
Delibird - NO RECORD
Dewgong - NO RECORD
Dewott - NO RECORD
Diglett - NO RECORD
Dodrio - NO RECORD
Donphan (15): WinterVines's Donphan
Dragonair - NO RECORD
Dragonite (96): Roulette's Dragonite
Drapion (17): WebMaster's Drapion
Dratini - NO RECORD
Drifblim (10): Ebail's Drifblim
Drifloon - NO RECORD
Drilbur - NO RECORD
Drowzee - NO RECORD
Druddigon - NO RECORD
Ducklett - NO RECORD
Dugtrio (15): Marth's Neji Hyuga
Dunsparce (18): Feng's Steve
Duosion - NO RECORD
Durant (15): Neonsands's Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Durant
Dusclops - NO RECORD
Dusknoir (19): Webmaster's Dusknoir
Duskull - NO RECORD
Dustox - NO RECORD
Dwebble - NO RECORD
Eelektrik - NO RECORD
Eelektross (23): Ash K.'s Raptor
Eevee (10): Zolar's Veevee
Electabuzz - NO RECORD
Electivire (27): Synthesis's Poncho
Electrike - NO RECORD
Electrode (21): Team Evolution's Electrode
Elekid - NO RECORD
Elgyem - NO RECORD
Emboar (11): ChainReaction01's Emboar
Emolga - NO RECORD
Empoleon (31): MaverickKaiser's Penguins
Escavalier - NO RECORD
Espeon (33): Volcanflame's Espeown
Excadrill (14): WinterVines's Excadrill
Exeggcute - NO RECORD
Exeggutor (26): Fossil Fusion's Exeggutor
Exploud - NO RECORD
Farfetch'd - NO RECORD
Fearow - NO RECORD
Feebas - NO RECORD
Feraligatr (46): AmericanTreeFrog's ClawFear
Ferroseed - NO RECORD
Ferrothorn (14): Neonsands's Lord Ferroce and Nitro's Nidorina
Finneon - NO RECORD
Flaaffy - NO RECORD
Flareon - NO RECORD
Floatzel (22): Bouy's Assan
Flygon (17): Akinai's Jade
Foongus - NO RECORD
Forretress (15): Neonsands's Forty Cent
Fraxure - NO RECORD
Frillish - NO RECORD
Froslass (20): derian's The Grunt and volcanflame's Froslass
Furret (10): Feng's Swipes
Gabite - NO RECORD
Gallade (95): ChainReaction01's Dual
Galvantula (12): Elamite's Galvantula
Garbodor - NO RECORD
Garchomp (23): TheEvilDookie's Garchomp
Gardevoir (58): Bumblebee's Mindbender and Xali's Gardevoir
Gastly - NO RECORD
Gastrodon (23): WinterVines's Gastrodon
Gengar (87): husnain's Gengar
Geodude - NO RECORD
Gigalith - NO RECORD
Girafarig (13): Dog of Hellsing's Long Haul
Glaceon (12): Eraizaa-Kun's Rita
Glalie (10): Pman's Glalie
Glameow - NO RECORD
Gliscor (28): Gliscorman's Gliscor
Golbat - NO RECORD
Goldeen - NO RECORD
Golduck (20): Neonsands's Golddigger
Golett - NO RECORD
Golurk (15): Fierce Deity's Golurk
Gorebyss - NO RECORD
Gothita - NO RECORD
Gothitelle - NO RECORD
Gothorita - NO RECORD
Graveler - NO RECORD
Grimer - NO RECORD
Grotle - NO RECORD
Grovyle - NO RECORD
Growlithe - NO RECORD
Grumpig (10): Buoysel.'s Baneboo
Gulpin - NO RECORD
Gurdurr - NO RECORD
Gyarados (22): Ataro's Gyarados and Gmandiddy's Phil the Hitman
Happiny - NO RECORD
Hariyama (16): ChainReaction01's Hoist
Haunter - NO RECORD
Haxorus (24): MaverickKaiser's GENOCIDE
Heatmor - NO RECORD
Heracross (17): Khajmer's Hornstriker
Herdier - NO RECORD
Hippopotas - NO RECORD
Hippowdon (12): MaverickKaiser's Hippowdon
Hitmonchan (11): Hide in Plain Sight's Creed
Hitmonlee - NO RECORD
Hitmontop - NO RECORD
Honchkrow (47): Roulette's Honchkrow
Hoothoot - NO RECORD
Hoppip - NO RECORD
Horsea - NO RECORD
Houndoom (25): Bumblebee's Shadow
Houndour - NO RECORD
Huntail (12): Bumblebee's Aquanaught
Hydreigon (24): Bumblebee's Skullcruncher
Hypno (22): Fossil Fusion's Hypno
Igglybuff - NO RECORD
Illumise - NO RECORD
Infernape (60): Monbrey's Infernape
Ivysaur - NO RECORD
Jellicent (19): Roulette's Jellicent
Jigglypuff - NO RECORD
Jolteon (50): Near's Jolteon
Joltik - NO RECORD
Jumpluff (12): Ash K.'s Jumpluff
Jynx (16): Fossil Fusion's Jynx
Kabuto - NO RECORD
Kabutops (18): Haze's Emmatops everyone and Elamite's Kabutops
Kadabra - NO RECORD
Kangaskhan (57): Ataro's Kangaskhan
Karrablast - NO RECORD
Kecleon (10): Jack of Clovers's Lavish
Kingdra (29): Fierce Deity's Kingdra and ChainReaction01's Kingdra
Kingler (14): IT's Royal Crab
Kirlia - NO RECORD
Klinklang - NO RECORD
Koffing - NO RECORD
Krabby - NO RECORD
Kricketot - NO RECORD
Kricketune - NO RECORD
Krokorok - NO RECORD
Krookodile (18): TheEvilDookie's Krookodile

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