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Default Re: Referee Problems

Originally Posted by Dino View Post

How would we make sure that whoever posted the round gave proper credit?
The same way you make anyone give credit. This is a matter of courtesy. If a uncredited person also didn't receive their pay, I suppose it could be worked out.
No, what I mean is... Idk how to describe it. Let's say Justin did the calculations and Aeon wrote and posted the round, not saying that Justin contributed. When Monday morn rolls around and I distribute pay, I'd give Aeon full credit. There would also be no proof that Justin did anything whatsoever. Then we have the totals to work out and if htis could be done in a closed battle, etc.

Again, I'm not against the idea, I'm just trying to work out all the kinks (which is why Justin and I are perfect for each other: He comes up with the ideas and bounces them off meh :P ♥).
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