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Default Re: Blade's Gen 5 IV Thread :D?

Originally Posted by SerenitySuicune View Post
Intrested in your shiny Cubchoo Vulpix and Zorua. I have a thread. Here is the link: I dont like Nick Names if they have any BTW! Thanks!
You can pick up to 10 shines of mine for Zorua. I have a Shiny Latias lvl 53, Braviary (Japanese) Lvl 83, Bronzong Shiny EV'd lvl 100. You can pick from any of these plus 9 more shinies! I hope I get it :D If you can, can you clone it and not have it Japanese?
HEY! Hey, This IS serenity suicune, But I love eevee, espeially shiny :D so yeah, This is my new account, please know this!