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Default Re: Personal In-Game Challenge

Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post
Gawd...the last couple days SUCKED...

Log TWO: Alula and the Funky Monkey

You know itís gonna be a good read for you with a title like that...

Alula...yeah remember when I said demon cat? Well she is NOT very demonic. Honestly, grinding took about two hours because of that thing. Gentle natured, yeah the Summary had it right. Alula couldnít hit things hard enough before she ended up with critical health, forcing me to switch back to Daouli in order to not earn a strike and still level her up. Dear Arceus she couldnít take hits, and Iíve never seen so many near death experiences [by that I mean fainting but Iím sure you all knew that.] Eventually I get her up to level 6 by then she learns Assist. Even with that she STILL canít hold her own. Level 8, same thing. After constant switching and running to the Pokemon center after almost EVERY. Single. Wild. Encounter...I decide to screw it and go battle Cheren at the Pokemon School. I battle him, forgetting that he has his Oshawott out first, I switch to Daouli, it being 14 and Cherenís Oshawott being 8...yeah there isnít much contest here. A couple tackles and the blue otter is down. Cheren switches to his Purrloin and I do the same.

Thus, the battle of Assist spamming begins!

I thought Alula would have better luck using Daouliís moves, so I spam Assist. At least the cat was smart enough to use a Defense Curl or two to make up for her poor defense. However, the other Purrloin is growling the crap out of Alula. I figure that sheís going to end up the same olí switch out when...IT HAPPENED.

Alulaís inner demon came out.

Assisting an Ember, she nails the for to half HP. What was even better, she BURNED the damn thing, so now, Iím pretty much set to stall out the rest of the battle. IT works, and Alula burns the other Purrloin into submission. Feeling confident, I go into the gym and take out the gym trainers, not ready for Cress quite yet. After them, I go back into the bush to grind some more. Alula using Assist more and more, I notice she has a pyrokinetic demon inside of her, as over half her Assisted Embers end up burning whatever sheís fighting. Finally I get her up to a decent level before heading to the Dreamyard to put a few Trainers a bit lower on the esteem scale.

Thatís when Alula lost it again. She was back to ending up with too many 1HP results and more switching back to Daouli. Daouli, now at level 15 with Flame charge, manages to make everyone in the Dreamyard look like fools. I skip over the elemental monkey giving lady, because one, thatíd be breaking my rule, and two, Iím not entirely fond of a Pokemon that looks like someone tried to make a hybrid of Aipom and broccoli and succeeded. Then, I decide itís gym time. Setting up Alula to deal with the Lillipup, as Daouli is going to have to deal with the Panpour, I begin my battle.

Alula did well, using a few Assists to make herself a bit more durable with a couple Defense Curls and a Tackle. As Cress gets his Lillipup to Work Up, at about half itís HP, I get Alula to use Fury Swipes. It makes three hits before landing a fourth critical, I was cheering but then panicked when it still had a sliver of health left. Then came a fifth swipe, and BOOM. Puppy down. That just left the spout monkey and my Daouli.

It was on.

Sending out Daouli, I know he isnít gonna be faster than the Panpour. Using a Flame Charge to boost his speed, I was lucky that the blue primate used Work Up. Having speed priority, I nail it with a Tackle. Taking out about a third of itís health. Another Work Up. Iím in a bit of a panic, fearing a OHKO Water Gun and hoping for a Critical hit tackle. I use tackle again, and itís not a critical hit...thatís when the Water Gun comes. I see the HP going done, green, yellow. Then I stop. Daouliís HP is at a THIRD? From a boosted Water Gun? HELL YES I HAVE THIS. Knowing Cress is going to use a Potion, I spam tackle, as the Potion wasnít enough to heal it completely. Tackle takes about half of Panpourís remaining health away. Iím dreading a 1HP survival...I use tackle for my last time, and thatís when I hear the pitiful cry of the blue monkey go down. Iím arm pumping anime style in my head, and noticing my DSi is about to run out of juice. Spamming the A button, I finish off the gym speech, save my game, and go for my charger.

Coming back to my game, I then continue to do the thing with Fennel. After much talking, I get HM Cut. Since I canít use an HM slave, I put the move on Alula, since it is a bit more powerful than scratch. I get to the Dreamyard, do the thing with the Munna, beating up Plasma and enjoying their theme song a lot. Alula gets a bit more redemption to her reputation by beating out the grunts. Moving on, I can FINALLY head out of Striaton City. Thinking of my next Pokemon to grab, I turn in for the night after hearing about the stolen Pokemon. I aim to have a new partner tomorrow.

Team Stats:
Theme: Random names that are in a dictionary somewhere
Daouli [M] Tepig LVL 16
Alula [F] Purrloin LVL 14

Strikes: 0 [Almost had one WAY too many times]
Pokeball's Remaining: 5/6
Good read, I seriously thought there you were going to ditch Alula and throw the can in but you stuck through it with your pyromaniac cat and pulled through :) Made me chuckle
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