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Default Re: Blade's Gen 5 IV Thread :D?

Originally Posted by Shiny Eevee View Post
The Zorua is cloned. So therefore, a reasonable hack. Anyways, did you find anything you wanted???
Just because the Zorua is cloned does not make it hacked.

If I copied this sentence ^^ and then pasted it here --> "Just because the Zorua is cloned does not make it hacked."

That doesn't make that second sentence fake. So Zorua is not a resonable hack. It's a legit pokemon that was duplicated.

Anwyays, I'm interested in the Shiny Cubchoo. Please take a look at my thread. However I am iffy considering the ID no. on it is 12345? I only have my events and Dream World pokemon currently listed. I can get you whatever you want though so if looking for anything specific just ask.
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