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Default Re: Pokemon Devastation Mewtwo Return sign up still open

Name: Tank
Species: Torterra
Moves: Stone edge, Earthquake, Leaf storm and Crunch
Personality:Tank is a strong and prideful pokemon who hasn't lost many battles alongside his trainer.Together with his Trainer they have mastered many things in their training such as allowing Tank to move as fast a Ponyta running at full speed.Tank was starting to grow bored when he heard of Mewtwo's evil plot and decided that it was his chance to prove he was the strongest pokemon ever!
Description: Tank wears weighted anklets and a weighted est to give his foes fighting chance in battle but if he feels that their worthy of his full power he'll gladly drop the weight.
Other. Tank likes to play alot of jokes

Name: Trish
Species: Tailow
Moves: Double team,aerial ace, Wing attack, Tail wind
Personality: Trish is a Shiny tailow which gets her into many fights with other pokemon.She is a proud Pokemon who is loyal to her best friend Zeo the Houndoom. Trish aches to evolve but for some reason she just never could. she thinks it's has something to do with Mewtwo so she joins up with Tank on his own quest to find his old friends.
Description: A shiny Tailow.
Other: Trish is an excellent Scouting pokemon and tough enough to hold her own aganist 5 Raichu's at the same time. She wants to go down as a legendary pokemon one day in her own right

Name: Zeo
Species: Houndoom
Moves: Dark Pluse, Flamethrower, Night slash Embargo
Personality: Zeo is a fast Pokemon who likes to attack fromt he shadows and up close and personal.He found Trish one day after she was attacked by a gang of Grass pokemon who turned out to be clones.Zeo is extremely tough but will always put his body on the line for her no matter how big the Enemy.
Description: A normal looking Houndoom with a broken Right horn and lots of scars on his snout.
Other: None.

I'll added the rest of his old team as I get to them.
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