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Default Re: [WAR X] Discussion

Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
Hmm, but aren't judges usually good enough that they should be winning the category? 1 point seems fair in my mind given the scoring. It's like I said, maybe limit the number of judges per team?
The only problem with that is -- would they be winning every single week? That's unfair to the others who are great in that section. Look at RPing, you have SO MANY people who could logically get the point each week. Besides, it's a lot harder to actually write / draw up an actual entry than it is to judge it. Judging is more time work, while doing it is more critical thinking.

Last year, I really wished I would have went with .5. It seems broken that judges should make that much of an impact on the final score for doing maybe half the work. A for sure half a point is a lot better than maybe a whole point, if you ask me :P.

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