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Default Re: [WAR X] Discussion

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
Giving judges points ensures they do their job. If you want a good example, look at the kind of work paid employees do versus volunteers.

If Judges they don't do their job, Backup Judges will pluck the points they would have earned and give it to their teams instead, pushing the section Judge to do their job well and on time. Otherwise you have judges that quit midway, make excuses, or they don't do judging on time. And trust me, people easily say "oh, just put a new judge in there" but it is actually quite hard to do that mid-WAR and quite hard for that Judge to pick up the pieces of where the other Judge left off and find a way to continue. Very often a WAR Leader has to step in and do it themselves. The whole system of point rewards and Backup Judges is a safety net for Judges that drop out of judging their section. And yes, judges not judging their sections can really wreck a WAR if it starts happening left and right. Imagine how the participants feel when all of their work and time is now running the risk of never being considered when it comes to earning their team points. Meanwhile, no new theme is posted, so they're not even sure what they're supposed to do.

And also, the Judge that judges a section faces opportunity cost by giving up being able to take part in a section they are good in, meaning they're giving up points they could have earned with their submissions. If judges don't get some kind of reward for doing their job, it actually deters people from becoming them. If you're a talented graphic artist, why judge and bar yourself from taking part and earning points in a section you're good at? 5 points (under my suggested layout) gives them a substantial compensation for the job they do and for giving up taking part in the section themselves. Getting 5 points for good judging means the same as 1st place on one week and 2nd on another during the five week WAR. To me, the probability of that happening seems more likely than winning 2nd place every week.
Ah. Makes sense.

As for a POL event, that could work. I wouldn't make it a weekly section though, I just don't think it has enough people yet.
I figured. Maybe next year.
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