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Default Re: _|-Individual RP: Xpenditure-|_

Ranger : Leo

Location : Mt. Deckbi


"Could we please go North?" Jake said. I didn't know why he wanted to go North, but it was okay with me. Maybe he had been here before.

"You been here before?" I asked as we began moving northward. "I don't think I've ever seen you here before." I looked at my watch and up at the sun. I couldn't see it anywhere, which was a surprise since it was there before we left. I hadn't noticed the large row of dark clouds in the sky. Shadow looked at me with a worried face and I just patted him on the head. We were going to find out what was happening. Perhaps it was some Pokemon playing with the weather. I had been too busy looking in the sky that I didn't see or hear the little rock Pokemon who was standing in front of us. The Rock-type Pokémon with a rocky, blue-and-brown body jumped up and down anxiously as it waited for a response from Jake. The yellow hexagonal artifice in the center of its body began to flash white several times.

"Well look at that, this Roggenrola wants to fight, you interested?" I asked.


Trainer: Jake Fennet

Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects: None

Encounters Remaining: 14

Money: $35oo

Items: 5 Superballs
5 Pokedoll
3 Max Potions
2 Soothing Fragrance


Pokemon: Zoroark
Nickname: Shadow
Gender: Female
Ability: Illusion
Nature: Timid
Other Info: Likes to stay out of it's ball.

Pokemon: Serpvine
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Careful
Other Info:None

Pokemon: Hydregion
Nickname: Reg
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Brave
Other Info:None

Pokemon encountered: Roggenrola

On-going battles: None

Pokemon Captured: None
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