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Default Re: Individual RP: bleepbloop

NBP #4
Ranger Ataro


"You know I think Iíll take the left path, I've never been one for double battles. Well, while Exeggutor are rare enough, I donít think itís the one for me, not only that but from my experience, I've rarely seen them travel alone my guess is that thereís a herd of them nearby and he just got separated from the pack. I wouldn't want to disturb him or separate him from his family if thatís the case," Mizuiro said.

The trainer's Scizor had already raised his claws high up in the air, fired up to initiate a battle, to which Mizuiro comforted it by saying that they shouldn't waste energy on a needless fight like this. The Scizor obeyed and lowered his pincers, before taking deep breaths as he slowly calmed down. There was a certain mystique about their calmness, but I couldn't pinpoint it out.

We began to walk away, while I kept an eye on the Exeggutor. Some Pokemon were more persistent than the others and wouldn't allow trainers to merely run away from them. However, the Exeggutor didn't seem too interested and started to run back into the bushes once we left. Though, the peaceful serenity of the garden didn't seem to last long. We were interrupted by the loud noise of a Pokemon that was scurrying around. It was a Zigzagoon, and it was dashing towards us from behind.

"Uh oh, we better move out of the way if we don't want to get hit. That, or you can battle it if you want a Zigzagoon," I said, as I stepped over to the side.


Current Battle Stats:

??? ??? Zigzagoon [???] - [100%]
Serious M Scizor [Technician] - [100%]


Trainer Stats

Name: Mizuiro
Location: Botanic Gardens
Encounters Left: 13
Area Effects: Sunny weather, with frequent windy breezes
Pokemon Encountered: Exeggutor, Zigzagoon
Pokemon Captured: N/A
MCR: 0/4000 (Common Rank)

Available Items: Park Ball x4, Super Ball x3, Hyper Ball x2
Items Used: N/A

Pokemon Stats

Sky, the Scizor, M Technician (Serious) - [Active]
Extra Moves: N/A

Flame, the Magmortar, M Flame Body (Modest) - [100%]
Extra Moves: Psychic
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