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Default Re: Individual RP: bleepbloop

OOC: short post but meh, i gota go to work soon >.<


Their walk was pleasant so far, slight breezes buffeted them as they walked down the path. A scurrying sound from behind made Mizuiro look around. A small furry blur was speeding towards them, upon taking a closer look, Mizuiro recognized it as a Zigzagoon. It looked as though it was fleeing from something.

"Uh oh, we better move out of the way if we don't want to get hit. That, or you can battle it if you want a Zigzagoon," Ataro said while stepping to the side of the path.

“He looks like he’s in a hurry to get away from somewhere or more likely something…” Mizuiro said as he and Sky stepped to the side, nearly brushing the long stalks of grass, “Let’s just hope the little one didn’t disturb a hive of Beedrill eh?” Mizuiro said to Ataro, hoping that what he said wasn’t going to come true.

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