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Zoroark's Night Daze hit Roggernola as it flew back a few feet and impacted against a large rock. It was very lucky that it's body was rock and didn't give much of an effect as Jake looked as the little rock type pokemon unearthed rocks out of the ground as they started levitating in the air and then quicker before Jake's eye's could see it sharpened them and they where already heading towards Zoroark. Roggernola's body was glowing dark blue as it was exerting alot of energy to use the attack. The move hit Zoroark and it impacted with power as Zoroark had cuts overs it body from where the sharpened rocks had impacted. Jake knew it was far from over as he looked at Zoroark and said,

"Zoroark, use Hone Claws to raise your attack. Then use Night Slash to attack Roggernola." Jake hoped this combination move would work because it could cause some good damage on the little Mantle pokemon.

Zoroark lifted it's claws up in front of his face and they started glowing intensely as they got larger in size and Zoroark's body glowed for a few seconds and then Zoroark lowered it's claws as they stopped glowing. Zoroark's body stopped glowing but Zoroark looked stronger then before and Jake knew it would now be able to use a strong move like Night Slash being stronger in attack. Jake looked at the ranger next to him as he said to him,

"I hope this works. It should cause some good damage if it hits." Jake turned back around and looked at the Roggernola as it was jumping actively up and down.

"Zoroark now use Night Slash" he said with force in his voice.

Zoroark's claws started to glow Crimson as they started glowing and Zoroark got one claw ready to attack as they other was their for support. Zoroark started running on it's feet with agile speed and it passed by many rocks and surroundings without falling over. It was getting closer to the Roggernola as Jake could hardly see it because of the speed it was using to get there. All Jake could hope now was that the Hone Claws would have helped Zoroark's crimson claws cause some good damage.

Hatch @ 25
Zoroark @ 100
Lv 100 @ 310

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