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Default Re: Last Pokemon Captured/Obtained

Originally Posted by Randor View Post
(I searched everywhere an id not fin this topic, so if one exists I apologize.)

In this thread you may share with us the last Pokemon you obtained an when you obtained it. This is a ideal and easy way to keep track of your capture history and the pokemon's starting capabilities. Simply fill out the form below and post a reply using the template to complete a capture log.

Pokemon's Name:
Pokemon's Level:
Obtained At:
Pokemon's Name = (Name of the pokemon caught)
Pokemons Level = (This is obvious, the pokemon's level)
Obtained At = (The location you caught the pokemon)

When posting a message commenting on a capture just add this before the content "Off Topic"
Pokemon: Kyurem

Level: 75

Where: Giant Chasm

Ball: ultra ball