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Default Re: Individual RP: bleepbloop

NBP #5
Ranger Ataro


"He looks like he’s in a hurry to get away from somewhere or more likely something…" Mizuiro said as they followed me and stepped to the side, nearly brushing the long stalks of grass, "Let’s just hope the little one didn’t disturb a hive of Beedrill eh?"

"Ahaha, that won't happen because you can only find Beedrills in the Woods," I replied while laughing.

I heard the sound of grass rustling even more. I looked at Mizuiro to see if he was moving, but he was as still as a tree. Suddenly, he shivered - something had bumped into him. I looked down at Mizuiro's feet and found the owner of the nudge - a Skitty.

I reached down to give it a couple of pats, brushing its fur in the process. It seemed to like it as it started curling itself towards the brush of my hand. I raised Skitty myself, so their species were probably more comfortable with me since I knew more about them. They were just incredibly adorable.

"Do you want this adorable Skity?" I asked Mizuiro enthusiastically.


Current Battle Stats:

??? ??? Skitty [???] - [100%]
Serious M Scizor [Technician] - [100%]


Trainer Stats

Name: Mizuiro
Location: Botanic Gardens
Encounters Left: 12
Area Effects: Sunny weather, with frequent windy breezes
Pokemon Encountered: Exeggutor, Zigzagoon, Skitty
Pokemon Captured: N/A

Available Items: Park Ball x4, Super Ball x3, Hyper Ball x2
Items Used: N/A

Pokemon Stats

Sky, the Scizor, M Technician (Serious) - [Active]
Extra Moves: N/A

Flame, the Magmortar, M Flame Body (Modest) - [100%]
Extra Moves: Psychic
urpg stats . the ultra dex .
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