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Default [WAR X] Villainous Incorporated: League of Evil

Villainous Incorporated: League of Evil


We are Villainous Incorporated: League of Evil, the greatest bunch of no-gooders around. More commonly known as VILE, we were created in 1976 with the joint goal of complete world domination. I, Capto Laryngitis, my equally evil co-villain, and mascot Grizsnal the bear are now recruiting for more members in our quest to rule the planet. We aim to force everyone into VILE, and if we face any resistance, we will beat them into submission with our fists. However, we hope it doesn't come to this and they'll give up with no resistance at all.


As you can tell, and have hopefully been reading for the last paragraph, we are desperately aiming to use our villainous cunning to rule the world. How will we do this? We're going to start small. Recruiting people on a small internet forum, before slowly building up; robbing banks, threatening major world powers, infiltrate secret military bases. This will give us the required information we need to build WMD's – Weapons of Mass Destruction! Our final step? Use these to brainwash the people into giving in to the future world powers – us!


So, you want to join Villainous Incorporated? That's brilliant news – your life will be spared by the almighty VILE once we destroy and conquer. Just fill out this simple form and our almighty mascot Grizsnal will generate a villain name for you.

Why you wanna join:
WAR experience: [Which previous WARs have you been in]
Skills: [Look at 'The War Sections' in this thread]


These our the current members of VILE – the ranks at the top are the big shots, the founders of the team, the guys in command, whereas the bottom ones are for the newer members, the guys who aspire to be the biggest badass ever. The Head of the League, Co-Head and Mascot are the main three guys to come to if you have any problems or questions – they can accept people into the League, and possibly kick people out if they are misbehaving more than usual. However, the head has final say; although many topics will be discussed between the three.

Head of the League:
Capto Laryngitis [SLC]

Swift Taylor [Jesse]

Grizsnal [Kers]

Honorary Villains:

[Fierce Deity]

[Roulette Dares]
[Fossil Fusion]
[Noble One]
[Morru Magnum]
[Skull Kid]
[Phantom Kat]


AIM: Politoed Prince

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