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Default Pokémon Elemental (Now Recruiting)(Free Shinies!)

Welcome to Pokémon Elémental


1. No spam, keep all posts Clan Related or Pokémon Related. If you have to post that you're going somewhere, or that you're back then that's fine.
2. All Pe2k rules apply
3. You can only be in one clan at a time, though you can freely drop out and try to join another clan,
though there's no garentee that they'll let you join.
4. Treat all members with respect, even those with lower ranks than you.
5. If you're not part of the clan, don't post unless for a battle challenge, or sign up application.
6. If you don't post in a month unless of specific conditions then you will be removed from the clan.

King N
Kaoru Matsubara

Shiny Jolteon



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Direct link:

Battle Rules
All Official Pe2k Rules apply
All Smogon Clases apply

Mewtwo & Mew
Lucario & Riolu
Zoroark & Zorua

Battle Form

User Name: (Pe2k User Name)
Friend Code:
Who you want to Challange: (Must be in our clan, and please don't pick people that are offline)
What Clan: (Which clan are you in?)

Sign Up Form

User Name: (Pe2k User Name)
Friend Code:
Reason for Joining?:
What Other skills do you have:
Experience With Pokemon:

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