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Default Re: Simple Question/Simple Answer Thread

Please critique my Victini build!

This will be my first competitive pokemon.

Victini (fire/psy) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Victory Star
EVs: 252HP/252 SpA/6 Spe
Nature: Modest (+SpA,-Att)
- Fire Blast (Fire TM: 120/85 10% burn)
- Psychic (Psychic TM: 90/100 may reduce targets SpD)
- Energy Ball (Grass TM: 80/100 may reduce targets SpD)
- Shadow Ball (Ghost TM: 80/100 may reduce targets SpD)

Black is my first Pokemon game. My pool of pokemon is limited but I've finished the core storyline and acquired the promotional Victini. I thought that would be a good choice for training my first competitive pokemon. I read up on natures, EVs and IVs but am limited in practice. What I'd like is a well-rounded comptetive pokemon that would be a welcome addition to just about any team I might make. This Victini is of modest nature (+Sp.Att,-Att) so I figure I'd focus on special attacks. His promotional physical attack looks super-awesome but I don't have it and from what I can tell his special attacks are pretty solid.

252 HP, 252 Sp.Att, 6 Speed

My thought is that the extra HP bulk is better for a general-use Pokemon since I don't know what teams he might be in, or if he will be for 1v1, 3v3 or whatever format. I don't really even know what the various formats are since I'm brand new to this. Reviewing team construction, I've seen that most attack pokemon are termed sweepers and usually choose speed over HP. I'd like to know if I should follow suit and put 252 in speed. From what I've read Victini has been shown to be subpar for a full-out SpA sweeper. I'm guessing most people tried him with 252 speed. Since that hasn't worked, I thought I'd try HP. I'm torn in this aspect.

I checked this guy's IVs and unfortunately they are bad. Closest estimate is HP 8, Att 2, Def 2, SpA 18, SpD 19, Spe 21. At least the higher numbers are in decent stats. I don't know if that information will help you give advice on how I should proceed. So far I've put 252 EVs into SpA.

Rocky Helmet

Frankly I haven't researched the items much and I'm not sure how inhibiting the choice items are. This seemed like a decent and generic option.

Fire Blast

My STAB fire attack. Chosen over Searing Shot to take advantage of Victory Star ability. This will miss 1 out of 20 attacks. Will be my primary attack. Used against eight types: Grass 3x, Ice 3x, Bug 3x, Steel 3x, Normal 1.5x, Electric 1.5x, Flying 1.5x and Dark 1.5x.


My STAB psychic attack. This will be used against four types: Fighting 3x, Poison 3x, Fire 1.5x and Dragon 1.5x.

Energy Ball

Filler grass attack to cover weaknesses to Water, Ground and Rock. It deals 2x damage to those types. Those are three types of pokemon that are exceptionally dangerous to Victini as they all do 3x damage. I'm not sure if Grass Knot is a better option. I guess it depends how heavy typical pokemon of those types are.

Shadow Ball

My secondary filler, this ghost attack covers weaknesses to Psychic and Ghost and will deal 2x damage to those types. This would be the attack I'd drop for some sort of utility attack, if one is recommended. With all the hype about Chandelure, I chose this.

I've chosen four damaging special attacks. All in all, the attacks have good coverage. No attack should just deal base 1x damage to any single-type Pokemon. To summarize:

3x damage (6): Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel, Fighting, Poison
2x damage (5): Water, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Ghost
1.5x damage (6): Normal, Electric, Flying, Dark, Fire, Dragon

Just to reiterate, this is my first attempt at training a competitive mon. All that is set in stone at the moment is a modest Victini with 252 points in SpA, as I've already trained them.

Thanks in advance for any advice given. The more in-depth the better!
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