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Default Re: Simple Question/Simple Answer Thread

Trying to check IVs at such a low level (I'm assuming it's still UT) is most usually inaccurate, given the very tight bands of maximum and minimum stats at that point in the game. They may end up being ok.

-Maxed out speed rather than maxed out HP, Victini has very poor defensive typing and rather unremarkable defences,especially in such an offensively-oriented metagame.

-Psycho Shock over Psychic, the small power dip is a worthy trade off for the ability to beat Chansey and Blissey, and you lose very little else for having a "physical" psychic move rather than a special one.

-Thunderbolt over Shadow Ball, Gyarados has no problem sponging a single attack off any other move while it sets up a Dragon Dance and proceeds to OHKO you. If it has Moxie, you're in for a world of pain as it gains more and more boosts. Chandelure is only hyped because of its Dream World ability, Shadow Tag. Since this isn't released yet, it sees very little use in standard play at the moment. But even if it didn't, you wouldn't stand a chance of beating it, given that they always have a choice scarf and there's no way you're surviving a STAB super effective Shadow Ball off a base 145 SpAtt. Same goes for Gengar, who will outspeed and KO you without it (STAB Psychic moves are more effective against it anyway). The remaining ghosts are all either defensive or rare sights in OU. The former can be muscled past with STAB moves given that they usually rely on status for damage (Usually Will-O-Wisp, luckily) and rarely invest in their offences, and the latter are too rare to worry about too much anyway.

-Life Orb or Leftovers over Rocky Helmet. As mentioned before, Victini is not the greatest defensive pokemon, and will rarely be taking enough hits to make Rocky Helmet worthwhile (Very few of the common moves used against him are contact moves either). Life Orb increases the offensive prowess you should be capitalising on, while Leftovers helps offset the effects of entry hazards, very useful on a Stealth Rock weak poke. A choice scarf could also be something to consider, providing a substantial speed boost. Victini would far rather be Timid anyway, so you may find it proves more useful than the other two choices I listed.
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