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Default Re: Scramble challenge

Originally Posted by Team Razor View Post
I don't know if I can suggest 2 mons fr the same team, but you can have Drift the Drifloon. It can learn fly when it evolves at lvl 28. Sounds fair?
My Requirements:
1. Darkleaf/Turtwig (Grotle @ 25, Torterra @ 45)
2. Abstract/Kricketot
3. Evil/Bidoof (Can't evovle until lv100, Must be used in every gym battle)
4. Rocky/Bonsly (Must know Mimic)
5. Drift/Driftloon
6. Tentacool (Can't Evovle)

So are these my final requirements. I guess so. I'm gonna need to get on this soon then. Should I update with what happens?

Level 100 @ 1320
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