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Default Re: Brink of Insanity - NOT Recruiting! (15/15)

Originally Posted by Kamon Xx View Post
I don't know if you would agree with me on this but I feel the metagame would be more complex and fun while also having the OVERALL skill to play increased, which would be more like 4th gen if...

1. They ban/nerf the stupid stuff. (easy example - Weather)
2. Not ban/nerf stuff that is completly beatable. (yes I'm ranting about Blaze again)
3. Last but certainly not least, get the silly notion outta there head that "if it was op in 4th then it can't possibly be op in 5th"

I'm hopping for a new tiering system to be made, not because I dislike smogon's but because there's is lazily based on use which I feel can be improved. Well there's my rant.
I can see where you're coming from for points 1 and 2, but in reality, 3 is actually not true at all. Lati@s, Chomp, Mence, Wobb, etc. have not been banned, and they haven't banned beyond the obvious from the 4th gen (Deo-A, Darkrai and such).

Originally Posted by cub0nes_sp0tlessmind View Post

Originally Posted by Leader Skyla View Post
Guys, I'm gonna leave this clan. Nothing is happening and I'm just bored silly.
And what were you hoping to find in this clan?
As much as I hate to be blunt, Cubones has a good point. Clans generally don't do mch except chat and battle.
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