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Default Re: Brink of Insanity - NOT Recruiting! (15/15)

Originally Posted by Kamon Xx View Post
I don't know if you would agree with me on this but I feel the metagame would be more complex and fun while also having the OVERALL skill to play increased, which would be more like 4th gen if...

1. They ban/nerf the stupid stuff. (easy example - Weather)
2. Not ban/nerf stuff that is completly beatable. (yes I'm ranting about Blaze again)
3. Last but certainly not least, get the silly notion outta there head that "if it was op in 4th then it can't possibly be op in 5th"

I'm hopping for a new tiering system to be made, not because I dislike smogon's but because there's is lazily based on use which I feel can be improved. Well there's my rant.
lol you must be one of those guys that are sick and tired of weather. I have to admit its pretty annoying to see those teams all the time, but it does take skill to use it effectively. There are lots of mind games going on in weather vs. weather, because you have to play well to kill the opponents weather starter so you have to be good to constantly win weather wars. I personally use anti-weather, which has an advantage against weather, so the weather team has to use good skill to beat me. Weather only has an advantage against normal teams, and only in a weather vs normal team is the only scenario that I can think of that there isn't much skill involved. Moral: switch to a good anti-weather team

About Blaziken, I really don't understand why he got banned either. It seems like lots of people made Blaziken weak teams and were too lazy to adapt so they were like "hes too powerful for me to beat: broken"

About the third point, which pokemon in the 4th generation was broken that isn't banned in this gen that you feel should be banned? Just curious.

About the tiers comment: tiers R 4 queers. I don't care what the about the tiers except ubers and BL, which is not really based on usage. Its hard thinking of a another good alternative to that tiering system though.
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