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Default Re: Brink of Insanity - NOT Recruiting! (15/15)

It's not in the sense that I hate weather teams, it more or less I injoy a metagame involving more then 4-5 teams (even tho they can vary somewhat). I generally run a normal team but usually I can beat weather teams decently (2-0/3-0) but it gets old seeing the same stuff while at the same time almost forced to play either weather or anti-weather. And about the point for it should be banned, I thought the reason to ban things was over centralizing the metagame or being so op that you have to bring 3-4 counters to stop it (not saying weather is op).

About point 3, I'm talking about things like lati twins although I dunno what recent bans or anything of that sort have happened recently.

And finally about the tiers comment, Its not that I care about tiers as a whole, just wanna see less people running the same stuff over and over (although people will run what they feel is best regardless) and I feel the tiers are helping things to be this way.

Oh almost forgot, reason I feel it requires less skill is because weather makes normal teams almost unrunable at times (people run the strongest teams to make things easier, mainly weather unless anti-weather is better overall which means that will become the "run this team to make the game easier" team)