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Default Re: My first "Outstanding" Pokemon!

Originally Posted by Zan Sabrefang View Post
And it doesn't have the Technician ability...
I got Max HP, Def and Speed on my Scyther/Scizor and it's ruined by Swarm and a non Adamant nature.
So frustrating.

Anyone else had any infuriating breeding shenanigans?

Edit: Just got a Second outstanding with all IV's between 26 and 31.
It's a Technician (Yay!).
It's Naughty...
Is a Naughty Scizor any good?
honestly i still cannot figure out iv breeding. i just go by luck haha. a naughty scizor is good if you want its attack and not its sp. attack to be higher. but it will have lower sp. defense.
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