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Default PMD's japanese pokemon trading post(D/P/PT)

Out to birthday party, will be back in 5 hours\

currently looking for:
english/japanese d/p dialga and palkia UT no nickname

currently have:pt=platinum=d=diamond=p=pearl
japanese starters. (One of each)turtwig=pt piplup=d chimchar=p
ability to get each japanese 2007-2010 event using my not for resale cartridges my brother bought off of ebay (offer really good to make me bring these out from under my bed and open the airtight chamber they are inside of...O-O)(english copy of Diamond will be where these come from)
bidoof and starly (too many to count.)(pt)
a few shinx(pt)

d/p/pt Friend code:not available at the moment.

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