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Default Re: [WAR X] The Cullen



Kris (k_pop)
Gem (Kumori Gem)
Sabi R. / Sabi / Ryu (Saraibre Ryu)



Mitch / Casanova Lucifus Omegacide (The Maple Syrup Baptist)
rust (Lord Celebi)
Professor Geoffrey
Khaj / Nate (Lord Khajmer)
Xanthe / Suicune / Graceful / Grace / GS (Graceful Suicune)
Elana (Dark Salamence)
Latio / Reol (Latio-Reol)
MK / Magic / Pichu / PB (-Pichu Boy-)
Neo (Neo Pikachu Emolga)
Soups (Superboy)
Gira (Giratina)
X-kun (XaiakuX)
Kayla (Kayla Ann)
Kami (Kamikaze)
Vanessa / WWotS / Starsight / Wolf / Wolfeh (White Wolf of the Snow)
Hosh (Hoshika)
Error (I_AM_ERROR)
Foxa (Foxamivalth)
Platinum (goldinum7)
Bron (bronislav84)
Cait (Tombi)

Rank Mechanics

For those who are wondering how the rank system works, members will start off as Omegas, working their way up through individual effort. If the effort for the cause of The Cullen is seen as worthy by the Alpha and Betas, then a promotion will be discussed and decided upon. The higher in rank you are, the more valuable a member you are, and may be asked to assist The Cullen with other tasks that display a higher level of trust.

However, this does not mean the rank system can be abused. All members are seen as equal when right beside one another, and any discrimination or rank abuse is grounds for investigation, and possible expulsion and banning from the Team.

Sign Up Form

Name: (Your PE2K screenname. Yes, everyone can see it when you post. It's for form reasons, nothing more.)
Preferred Nickname: (What you would like people to call you when talking to you. Nothing outlandish, please)
Gender: (Duh)
Reason(s) for joining: (What drew you to The Cullen?)
WAR Experience: (What, if any, WAR experience to you have from past wars?)
WAR Sections: (Which sections of the WAR do you plan on participating in?)

If you are on this list, you cannot post in this thread, sign up for this Team, or participate in any Cullen-only events.
(Do NOT make me add you to this list, one is too many)
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