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Default Re: [WAR X] The Cullen

Originally Posted by The Maple Syrup Baptist View Post
Name: The Maple Syrup Baptist
Preferred Nickname: Casanova Lucifus Omegacide, or Mitch.
Gender: Alpha male
Reason(s) for joining: Because you need one more member to officially enter.
WAR Experience: I did alright in the music section. Here, I even searched the results:
WAR Sections: Music and maybe some other kind of entertainment thing.
Awesome, welcome to The Cullen, Mitch ^^.

Originally Posted by Lord Celebi View Post
Name: Lord Celebi
Preferred Nickname: rust
Gender: The one with a penis.
Reason(s) for joining: I <3 Shen.
WAR Experience: None. At all. Not a single WAR. And I've never been a WAR Leader either. Or a judge. Or a team leader. Ever.
WAR Sections: None, I probably won't be around, I just want to join a team.
*blinks* Rust, applying for a good Team, especially one that I am leading? Woah...

Even if this is just something to be silly and whatnot, welcome to The Cullen, rust. Feel free to help out in the RP if you get the time in your busy busy schedule =3

Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post
The Professor still wishes to be a part of the Cullen! >:3

Name: Professor Geoffrey (was A Requiem of Verities)
Preferred Nickname: None.
Gender: Male.
Reason(s) for joining: Well, being in the Cullen before, duh.
WAR Experience: I participated in the last WAR, and a little bit in the WAR before that with OAA.
WAR Sections: Fanfiction, definitely. As of yet, I don't know if I'll be doing any more.

~Professor Geoffrey, PMD, OG, PPhD
Welcome back, Professor! Looking forward to seeing more awesomeness from ya ^^.

That gives us more than enough members to join the WAR, guys, I'll go sign us up now!
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