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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

I guess i'll join, seeing that this is new, and i want to try and join some various role plays, of which, this looks interesting.

Name: Alex Tailleon
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Description: A Blue Bandana around his neck, a green sweater, and black jeans.
Personality: Hes Very shy, so he doesnt really talk to people. He is also very intellegent in pokemon battles, knowing pokemons strengths, weaknesses, and if the moves dont even effect at all.
History: Born in Nimbaza city, Alex was always into pokemon. he always entered his pet lillipup into musicals and got first place. but he figrued that musicals wernt everything, so he turned ten, and got a snivy. He now roams Unova for no reason, but to find the reason of his families death (which is the Tumor thing)
Snivy: Lvl 14
Moves: Tackle, Mega drain, Leaf blade, and energy ball

Lillipup: lvl 13
Moves: Tackle, Bite, Growl, and Quick attack

Panpour: lvl 12
Moves: Water Gun, Lick, Leer, Scary face
Other: He has skills in tree climbing, camp making, and spotting poisonous berries in the wild, so hes also pretty good with natural stuff.
Nova Tailleon
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"The Omegas Must suffer. they have caused nothing but pain. We will Bring them to their knees and habe them beg for mercy with the price of theyre blood." Nova Tailleon before declaring war.
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