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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

She was so happy about the fact that she had her youth back. Twice was a risk taken, twice was the reward far greater, with almost no cost. It wasn't her choice to have Hilda's actual mind eradicated, but with her body free for anyone afterwards, it wasn't morally burdening to have taken it.

This particular day was when a squad of investigators was dispatched to their location. They successfully subdued the captives, who coughed up the information about the Government clamping down on them.

They fled, they fled in haste, and they forgot to take Fennel's old body. But that wasn't of importance. Fennel got her important research papers and all her Pokemon together for the rush out of their Undella Location.

They then settled down, making two more locations-The Bravo location south of Chargestone Cavern, which is also compleatly evacuated, and the Alpha location, thier base of operations in Inner Pinwheel Forest. Fennel herself moved to the latter location. Chargestone was also making a Third (or Theta) Location in Challenger's Cave, but it was never compleated.

Fennel then decided on something-To become a Chimera. She thought it over, and didn't want to make any stupid selections of Pokemon that she'd regret. Then Fennel saw an experiment where a Mismagius was chanting incantations. Fennel didn't believe in magic prior to this. She chose Mismagius and Ninetales.

The Scientists work was good, and again was Fennel rewarded for taking a risk. The scientists not only managed to give Fennel a vastly increased lifespan, but also gave Fennel/Hilda powers that she could only have dreamed of. The best part was, she finally realized that sometimes the boundaries were superficial and meaningless. And all three times she herself took a risk, accidentally or on purpose, she found out that those barriers were superficial and meaningless.

She was, for a time, highly engrossed in her Work, but then Aur Morose did something incredibly bad for their skin-He took the bait to a spotter trap that almost compromised their location, had Fennel not immediatly knocked out all 19 attackers, and taken 18 hostage, giving the 19th amnesia. Shortly afterwards, she took one of the Pokemon-A Golurk-and decided to open it up.

She was again rewarded-Although the Chimera who opened it up was incinerated by a massive torrent of energy, a Few EMP's later, and the Golurk had all of it's incredible amounts of Technology emptied out, the giant living no further.

However, another opportunity was spawning for her. Evolutionary Chemicals were being developed, and they were sucessfully tested on Pokemon, with fantastic results; Save the Normal-Type Evolutionary Chemicals, which were non-reactive. The testing Audino turned out to be Shiny and able to speak English, so Fennel caught it. It was also meant to work on Pokemorphs and Chimeras, but it was found out that they'd need Mew DNA. Fennel quickly heard of a Mew Hair being shipped to Nacrene Museum.

Necros broke out of the PokeBall that Fennel caught him in, and screwed up the operation-However, Fennel's furious tossing of this PokeBall at the ground managed to catch the actual Mew, without either knowing it until later. Rushing back on the news of Tempest Virus, carrying a girl she found on the way there, she gave the orders to make everyone Pokemorphs or Chimeras, everyone they could get their hands on. Tempest wasn't pretty, and it was hell to see someone infected.

And Xexan's goal from the start was to benefit humanity.

She managed to use Mew's DNA to 'Evolve,' giving her the appearance she has now, and the girl she found was given Lilligant Genetics (To the girl's delight). Now, Fennel was ready to fight to shape the future to be better. Xexan served humanity, Siphon served the machines. Which was better? (Besides, she got all that pre-historic technology from the Golurk, so who needed Siphon?).

Powers: Thanks to the Ninetales genes within her, she now has a 140,030-year plus lifespan, along with eleven tails to forcefully subject curses into unsuspecting foes that dare touch her tails. Friends can touch it without harmful effect, and she herself can most certainly touch it without harm, but enemies, no, they would feel the full force of the powerful, hundred-millenia-long curses. She can give these curses posotive effects too, giving her allies such good things as good luck. She may also chant incantations, an ability granted by being part-Mismagius. These incantations could bring about extremely severe headaches when being used to cause harm at their strongest, also granting the foe a dose of insanity. In the opposite, healing perspective, these can be used to heal and disinfect minor, moderate and semi-severe wounds, as well as give the receiver a extra dose of happiness. Due to her genetics, she is also immune to-and in fact, is given additional power upon contact with-fire, and can very well breathe it, and the Moves of Normal Type and Fighting Type Pokemon, along with regular meele attacks from humans, are almost compleatly ineffective against her. She can also use Telepathy, and control up to four balls of light blue fire. These fireballs can only go three feet outwards from Fennnel's position, but are highly effective in close-range combat.

Pokemon: Marline the Dewott, Spiral the Ecxadrill, Rosetta the Lilligant, Mushana, Swanna, Mew.

Marline the Dewott: A mistake in the technology that gave birth to the K1-A3 experiment caused Hilda's memory, along with the Dewott's memory and conscious, to be eradicated, with absolutely no hope of recovery. The result was merely a Dewott that had very few instincts, but was smarter than most other Dewott. Fennel's influence as a senior member of Xexan allowed her to obtain Hilda, whose middle name she discovered to be Marline, who she raises lovingly and tenderly like any of her other Pokemon. She isn't willing to tell Marline the truth yet. She is afraid that she wouldn't understand. She probably never will understand. Nevertheless, Marline is a loyal companion of Fennel/Hilda.

Spiral the Excadrill: A Pokemon that was once Hilda's, Fennel obtained it prior to Hilda's unfortunate memory loss, and Evolved it after settling down in Pinwheel Forest. Spiral knows about what went down, and knows that Fennel didn't intend for it to happen either. He is loyal and trusting of Fennel/Hilda, and Fennel herself treats Spiral just as she would her own Pokemon.

Rosetta the Lilligant: A Pokemon that was once Hilda's, Fennel obtained it prior to Hilda's unfortunate memory loss, and Evolved it after settling down in Pinwheel Forest. Rosetta knows about what went down, and knows that Fennel didn't intend for it to happen either. However, although she is trusting of Fennel, and Fennel cares for her like her own Pokemon, Rosetta still harbors resent towards Fennel.

Musharna: A Pokemon that Fennel had since Childhood, and the Pokemon that she would unwittingly and accidentally cure of a incurable and 100% fatal disease, the bond between her and Fennel is beyond almost anything that Trainers have seen: They act like sisters. Sharing an equal amount of experience as Fennel/Hilda, Musharna would lay down her life for Fennel just as much as Fennel would lay down her life for Musharna. She knows about the body swap, and was present to witness it.

Swanna: Fennel obtained this Swanna from the Entralink, and this Swanna has the Ability Hydration as such. Swanna was a Pokemon that Fennel used often during her late campaign through Unova, and also was the Pokemon she used to participate in her only contest, which she won. Swanna and Fennel treat each other like close friends, and Swanna was present for Fennel's body swap.

Mew: Mew was a very accidental capture in the Nacrene Museum-Even Fennel wasn't intending to find that her randomly thrown Quick Ball would hit anything at all, much less the mother of all sentinent life. Mew had gone through a device that can rewrite memories, making Mew think she found Fennel around the time Fennel first met Munna, and had stuck with her and Musharna through most of her life. Despite this, Mew is still highly pro-life, and cannot bear the thought of cyborgs running around, and if she was human, she'd be a Pokemorph before you could say 'Pokemon.' She wasn't present for the Body Swap, but Fennel told her anyways.

Other: As a genius, Fennel has information on just about anything, and is a very very very smart person, with a PHD in Pokemon Biology and Dream World research. She has upgraded her Xtranceiver to do a number of things, including hacking, serving as a Pokedex, and other functions, and was further upgraded with the addition of Robert Dinkin's Comp. Fennel/Hilda's physique is very good for her age, and does pose a physical threat to the unprepared. She carries 2 Encrypt 143 Pistols with sights and silencers on her person at all times, in case of emergency, and she is a good shot. She also wields an AMPLE (Anti-Material and Personall Long-range EMP), which is basically a three-in-one gun; A gun with a 3x magnification scope, a condensed EMP that can take out any electronic (And most of those cyborgs running around), and a Ultrasound which can knock out regular humans and Pokemon without protection, and can also destroy small electronics (An Ipad has exploded during testing of the AMPLE.). During the crisis, she also got to know how to wield two knifes and a Permafrost 117 Sniper Rifle.

And did I mention that this is the longest SU I have ever made for one character? This beats Fennel's last SU in terms of leangth. Oh, and for those confused about Mew being in my party, as that directly offends the 'no legends' rule Neo put down...I RPed my way into catching the Pink Embryo Cat in the Prequal (The original Dark Science), so if you want a legend, earn it.
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