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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

@ Nova Eevee

Description needs a bit more, you covered his clothing, but there’s no telling how tall he is, what his hair style and hair/eye color is like, what his skin tone is, what kind of body frame he has, and so on. Also, does he take good care of himself? As for his clothing, are they kept clean, or do they show evidence of stains, tears, and other signs of rough traveling? The more you describe, the more lifelike the character will become.

Personality seems to be a good start, but it would also be a good idea to flesh it out more, go into how he reacts in certain cases, such as if he does well under pressure, if he’s more impatient or patient, if he thinks more with brains or relies more on his brawn, and then tying it with how he reflects on the RP’s storyline and situation. Since he’s a civilian, what are his personal views regarding Xexan and Siphon? Is he trying more to simply survive, or does he really have a strong intention of stopping them and bringing them down?

History could use a bit more as well, maybe reflect on what his childhood was like and how those experiences raised him to be what he is today in present time. You covered a bit of that, but what kinds of challenges and life-changing experiences did he face?

Build it up a bit more, what you have is a good start though. If you want an example of a really good sign up, read Latio-Reol’s, though I’m not expecting something to be that long. Just use it as an idea of what you could put in there. Pending.

@ Supremist Rain

Looks awesome, you’re all set. Personality could have used a tinge more, but what you have is good. Accepted.

@ Latio-Reol

It’s awesome, it’s long, but really good. Definitely accepted. You rock.

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