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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

Name: Alex Waters
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Pokémon Forms: Bellossom, Lilligant, and Venusaur (Definitely not his intention :P)

Description: Alex’s appearance is the result of his breaking up with his now ex-girlfriend Jewel, a Xexan surgeon, to be with an Xexan laboratory assistant named Chibi instead. Jewel didn’t take it lightly, and before Alex’s Chimera transformation, she swapped out his original choices of an aggressive Mightyena and a mighty Arcanine for something much more docile and vibrant instead, obviously without his knowledge. As a result, no one even thinks of messing with Jewel anymore, and see her smug grin as a dangerous warning.

Alex stands 6’3” from the ground, covered from head to toe with smooth, light green skin, and no longer has any strands of hair. Meanwhile, he has the four, bulb-like legs of a Lilligant with the small yellow feet, only they’re covered by the Bellossom bell-shaped skirt of large green and yellow leaves that come out from around his waist and lightly touch the floor.

On Alex’s back is the massive flower of a Venusaur that covers most of his back, nearly from the back of his head to the back of his feet. Surrounding it are many Venusaur and Lilligant leaves, making the skin of Alex’s back impossible to see unless they’re pushed aside.

On the back of Alex’s head is the large, red flower of a Lilligant, accompanied by a few leaves that cover whatever part of his head the flower misses. Meanwhile, on the front left and right sides of Alex’s forehead are the two red and yellow flowers of a Bellossom.

It took some time, but he got over it.

Personality: Reckless, daring, and fearless, Alex is more on the wild and unpredictable side, and is also known for getting things done quickly from his lack of patience. Frustrations, however, never really bring him down, and he uses them as the material of comedy. He also isn’t a big fan of explaining things or trying to describe how things work to others, especially those that really don’t need to know anyway.

As Alex is officially a technician and computer operator for Xexan, most of his daily tasks include debugging, as well as hardware upgrades and maintenance. He isn’t too much of a fan of software or operating systems, but he knows how to handle them and put them to work, even though he finds working on that is a little nerdy and geeky for him. He does whatever he can to dodge out of getting plugged into that stereotype. However, the way Alex configures hardware and systems is arranged in his own personal style, meaning if someone else were to open it up and examine the wire configurations and setup, they’d never be able to understand it, only Alex would. As a result, while most Xexan members find Alex reliable and that he knows his stuff, he’s unpredictable, and his job security is guaranteed considering no one would know what to do about the computers if he left.

Alex also likes to socialize, and knows how to improvise if time is short and someone needs something fast. He’s also prone to peer pressure, and likes to try new things that look exciting. If someone were to suggest skydiving, he’d definitely jump on the occasion, even though he may have never done it before. Still, even though he knows how to do work quickly in the event of an emergency, he’s definitely not a Type A personality and never aspires to be. Those who try to pile him under a mountain of tasks and slap a priority one label on everything often find Alex is quick to uncover the truth that they’re just not being honest with him, and he’ll laugh about it and take his sweet time.

History: Alex was born in Nimbasa City, and as a child, he was considered wild and energetic. In his early years, he didn’t really care too much about his education, thinking Bs and Cs were great, and As were just there for those who were bored and liked schoolwork (which he didn’t). Meanwhile, he loved sports and gym class as a kid. Unfortunately, becoming a pro athlete was like winning the lottery, so he knew he could only do it for fun.

Around the age of 12, Alex started his Pokémon journey, choosing Snivy as a starter, and naming him “Sneaky.” Alex liked the idea of whipping out powerful Pokémon in unsuspecting people’s faces, but he knew this required a lot of hard training and work. For two years, Alex traveled around Unova, collected the necessary badges, and challenged the league. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, he lost, but he was cool and clear-headed enough to say it was fun and he had no regrets about it.

Upon heading back to school, Alex originally disliked computers, thought they were annoying and unresponsive, but it was the passion to put them under his control that he decided to pursue a technology related position. Alex studied up on how computers worked, how hardware operated, and how it worked together with software and operating systems. Though a lot of his classmates considered computers to be geeky, Alex tried to shove aside the common misperception that computers are complicated, and everyone that uses a computer is a pasty-faced, crooked-teethed nerd who wears a nerdy white shirt with pocketed pens and thick glasses with a big, black plastic frame. Alex had a way about it of telling others that a CPU was pretty much a computer’s brain, a hard drive was just memory, and a motherboard was just pretty much the guts of a computer. In truth, Alex would have been great for writing a “Computers for Dummies” book if he ever had the opportunity.

Once he graduated from technical school with a degree in computer science, he was invited by his college girlfriend, Jewel, to join her at Xexan to start a new career. Back then, Alex really liked Jewel as a girlfriend, and loved to hang out with her and treat her to movies, vacations, and even do a few wild and fun things with her, like paintball, skydiving, snowboarding, and the like. Xexan already had several positions for researchers filled, but they needed a computer expert who could configure their systems for them. After being interviewed by Xexan, Alex was a strong and solid choice, even though his style wasn’t exactly by the book or completely orthodox.

While working for Xexan, the fact they tested on live Pokémon and even humans never really bothered Alex that much. What the scientists did was really their business and he wasn’t interested in getting all uppity about it. Jewel, who had taken a surgeon position at Xexan, often talked to Alex, and their “puppy love” was often the lunchroom chat of the other scientists, many times they caught them kissing in the exam rooms on break.

The Tempest Virus accident didn’t affect Alex in any way, but it did affect his girlfriend Jewel, who was caught in the same section where the virus broke out, and had to quickly decide to become a Chimera of a Swanna and a Cinccino, two of her favorite Pokémon. At first, Jewel thought it was going to be a disaster, but she was actually delightfully impressed with the results, admiring her two white wings and was amazed at how well the Cinccino fur transitioned into the Swanna feathers. Alex was glad Jewel was alright, though he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at her new appearance.

Weeks later, Alex had run into a laboratory assistant he hadn’t met before, one by the name of Chibi, a Chimera of an Eevee and a Furret. Unlike Jewel, who was more reserved, patient, and was slow to pick up on Alex’s rather wild adventures, Chibi was much more his style, outgoing, fun-loving, and very casual. At first, they were friends, but later on, it started getting more serious. However, Alex… just didn’t feel right about cheating on Jewel, who seemed to be more formal and boring the more he hung out with Chibi. As a result, Alex casually broke up with Jewel, much to Jewel’s anger, which she kept hidden.

As more and more Xexan personnel started becoming Pokémorphs and Chimeras, Alex was invited by several of the already transformed Xexan scientists to do the same. He didn’t take very long to think about it, liking the idea of going with Mightyena and Arcanine. After making his choices, he later went into surgery.

Jewel hadn’t forgiven Alex with what he did, and she knew he only broke up with her so he could be with Chibi instead, who she believed was more of a brat than an assistant. So, as a result, Jewel swapped Alex’s choices of Mightyena and Arcanine with a request of Bellossom, Lilligant, and Venusaur instead, and since Alex didn’t know about it from being out cold by the anesthetic, he didn’t find out about it until it was too late. When he initially woke up, he was in total shock at having been transformed into a flower-based Pokémon Chimera and could have sworn it was a really, really bad accidental mix-up… until he found Jewel’s note by his bedside in the exam room he woke up in:

Hope you find it helpful if you ever forget to get flowers for Chibi’s birthday.


P.S. Don’t screw with people who handle genetic surgery. :)

Once it was discovered how and why it happened, there were many Xexan scientists who considered it to be a pretty cruel prank and payback, especially considering it was now something Alex was stuck with for life. Because of it, no one even thinks about getting on Jewel’s bad side. Regardless, Alex just brushed it off casually, having no grudges against Jewel, and admits he probably should have seen it coming, even though he feels he didn’t really deserve it. Chibi wasn’t bothered by it one bit, even considered it to be “cooler than Mightyena and Arcanine,” though Alex usually felt she said that just to cheer him up. As part of the running gag and to make Chibi smile, Alex still gets flowers for her birthday, and doesn’t rely on the ones he’s wearing.

Now, Alex continues his work on Xexan’s computers, but also prepares in case Siphon attacks Xexan, helping in trying to bring in as many humans as he can to save them from the virus outbreak. He doesn’t think highly of Siphon’s “bots” and “borgs” as he calls them, and he doesn’t like to imagine Unova where everyone speaks in lines of code. As Alex knows computers well, he feels AI and cybernetics are better off as tools, not culture. He definitely doesn’t want to see Siphon come out on top.

Powers: Alex has regenerative capabilities, able to heal cuts, lacerations, and even severed limbs much faster with an advanced healing rate. Also, sunlight gives him more energy as a kind of sugar rush, and speeds up his agility and recovery rates. However, as a result of all this, Alex no longer has an appetite for food, and only needs water to survive.


Sneaky the Serperior – Originally Alex’s starter as a Snivy, Sneaky likes to make every adversary think he’s weak and not up to it, and then surprises them, much to their detriment. Other times, he toys with his opponents before bringing them down, playing with their weaknesses for fun and sport. He also likes root beer and likes the techno music that Alex plays while working.

Linebacker the Blastoise – Tough, strong, and gruff, Linebacker is like a casino bouncer among Pokémon, always relying on brawn and ready to show his competition that he means business and sure isn’t a pushover. Inspired by Alex’s admiration for football, he can take quite a beating before going down. He does, however, see Alex’s unintended transformation as unfortunate, and thinks what he did to Jewel must have been extremely traumatizing for her to do that to him in return.

Knave the Weavile – Sneaky, guile, and deceptive, Knave never liked playing by the rules, and is definitely a Pokémon of political incorrectness. Unlike Sneaky the Serperior, Knave likes taking down his opponents quickly and swiftly. As a result, they don’t really work too well together.

Puff the Flygon – Puff is casual, easy going, and honestly doesn’t like to fight, but will if he has to. When fights arise, Puff is pretty laid back and never serious about it, often leading his adversaries to believe he’s arrogantly taunting them. He also helps Alex fly from place to place, but often needs persuading to get it done. Puff really likes chocolate chip cookies, so usually they do the trick when it comes to getting him to go somewhere.

Other: Alex has strong computer and technology skills, but he also has a knack for hacking, corrupting data, and doing things to technology that if machines were like living creatures, would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. He also has a large, anti-material sniper rifle he kept from his college days.

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