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Default Re: Brink of Insanity - NOT Recruiting! (15/15)

Originally Posted by Yamirami View Post

^Would this counter Speed Boost Blaziken? Sharpedo has 15 higher base speed than Blaziken, it has Speed Boost too, and has super effective moves. Haven't tried it yet though, I'll try Sharpedo on Friday when my new laptop charger arrives.
It wouldn't beable to revenge or force it to switchout without aqua jet, even tho I would run aqua jet anyway to beable to revenge kill any weak poke before I get a speed boost.

EDIT: I'd like to know something. If I breed a Pokemon with a Dream World ability, will it pass on that ability to the offspring? I want to know because I have a couple with Dream World abilities, but bad natures.
From what I heard if the female has the dream world ability and is breed with a male poke of the same type(ex. female Sharpedo with Speed Boost + Male Sharpedo) then you can not only pass over the DW ability but also egg moves.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, currently you can get the ability to recieve 1 of eevee's evolutions with its dream world ability through a game event thing here --> <(^.^<) // I figured I would mention incase anyone wanted to beable to get any of them, but you can only pick one...

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