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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

Name: Aur Morose

Gender: Male

Age: 36
Pokémon Forms, if any: Porygon-Z, Metagross, Ariados

Description: Probably the most significant physical result of Aur's transformation is that his lower body has been completely replaced with something resembling the body of a Metagross. As a result, where his legs used to meet his body is now a thick dark blue steel disk, ringed by four massive metal legs that end in a sharp point. Unlike a true Metagross, his lower body features are smooth and rounded rather than rough and faceted, possibly as a result of the roundness of the other two Pokemon of which he is a Chimera of outweighing this one feature. His upper body is mostly normal, bearing the muscular torso and arms of an athlete that had never dreamed he would become a scientist. A pair of additional limbs identical to the ones on his lower body protrude out from his upper back, making shirt-wearing a daily challenge. His head is rounded with a thick jaw, and he has a sharp nose with a well-defined mouth. Two small mandible-like structures line the inside his cheeks and are visible when he opens his mouth. His hair is cropped short and black, close to the skull, and his eyes bear a peculiar ring-within-a-ring pattern of black on purple.

Personality: As one might expect out of someone who decided to change the world regardless of its will, Aur displays a sense of hubris. Confident almost to the point of arrogance, he can often be seen with a haughty smirk on his face. Aur has no trouble believing in himself like so many of those other little heroes in fiction start out with (which he sees himself as similar to). This pride, however, is arguably justified, if not exactly kind. Even from a young age, Aur displayed an amazing degree of intelligence, the same brand of logical yet creative thinking that got him not only into the Xexan project but into its deepest depths in its early days, allowing him to become one of the driving forces behind the project, shaping it into his own vision of what Xexan should be.

Despite his haughtiness, Aur is not prone to fits of rage and prides himself on self-control. He takes setbacks and even defeats quite well for one with such a bubble of pride, knowing that there will always be another chance. And he is an opportunist; Aur enters any situation quietly, observing and learning about both the larger scheme and the smaller details before deciding to make a decision. Although he prefers not to take on responsibility, when others make it clear that they are incapable of leading Aur is more than happy to shove them aside and take power for himself. Other people often find Aur unsettling to meet. He gives off an air of justified superiority and a mind that knows more than others, and many people are left wondering what the man is scheming after meeting him. His true plans, only himself knows.

History: Aur was born in Castelia City, living most of his childhood in the housing projects on the north side of the city where the urban poor dwelt. His father had once been a highly successful businessman and his mother a doctor at the local hospital, but a series of poor investment choices ultimately led to several lawsuits and a malpractice case against his family that left them destitute. His father endlessly preached to him the virtues of the Morose family and how Aur was going to be even more magnificent than him. Consciously, Aur never put much stock in his father (after all, if he was all that they wouldn't be living on gruel waiting for the next paycheck), but all the encouragement must have made a mark. At school, Aur kept his family's past secret; bragging would only get him laughed at. Although he displayed a sharp mind with an aptitude for science and math, his real passion was for high-school wrestling and was made captain of his team. His high-school wrestling career never amounted to much, but it eventually did get him a small scholarship to help him pay for his arrival to Castelia University.

It was during his sophomore year in undergrad that Aur found his calling. He fell in love with the biomedical sciences during his introductory biology course and wanted to become a scientist in the field. There was no question of his mastery of the subject, and soon he was working for a notable professor in the field doing research into the similarities between human and Pokemon genetics. After graduation he continued to work in that research department at Castelia University, soon unofficially supplanting his professor who had secretly confided in him that he was "getting too old for this." Aur made key breakthroughs in utilizing Pokemon genetics to cure genetic diseases in humans through viral carriers, was published in scientific journals around the world, and soon was considered a renown expert in the field of human-Pokemon genetic engineering. His own Pokemon, given through donations to his research laboratory at the university, were acquired at this time, and he spent most of his free time raising them. Aur was often physically engaged in the training, helping to keep up his strong physique.

His expertise did not go unnoticed. Soon the newly-formed Xexan institute came recruiting. Although Aur did not initially want to accept the offer, Castelia University seemed indifferent to him leaving so he took it. Aur was a powerful personality within the young research laboratory, helping to mold its future and in fact was one of the major proponents of the idea that they should cut themselves off from the government altogether. He found the capability to have his research be released from ethical issues to be quite exhilarating and also, for the first time, found himself working with many other scientists as brilliant as himself, something that he had long since longed for.

When the time came to abandon the original Xexan laboratory, Aur had already transformed his body into its current form. Using his newfound computational powers, it was child's play to invest in the stock markets. After a few years he purchased a large stake in one of the major internet service providers and had it set up a home for him in an old underground server farm near Nacrene City.

Since then, he has created a network of mind-slaves using DNC-chips that are surgically installed in the brains of patients to do his bidding. Using this network, he managed to both procure and alter the Tempest Virus before giving it to Vickers, who had contacted him under the alias of "Mr. Shadow", as well as developing a counter-plague that would wipe out Tempest while turning the afflicted into Chimeras. However, before he was able to deploy the cure, an assassination attempt by Shadow that overloaded Aur's particle accelerator opened a portal to the Distortion World, sucking Aur and his Pokemon in, where he now is searching for a way home. And woe to the world when he does.

Powers: Enormous computational power and thinking speed, ability to directly interface with computers, ability to climb on walls and ceiling, extreme strength, ability to download himself into cyberspace.
Pokemon: Porygon-Z, Volcarona, and Galvantula (and soon to be Giratina)
Other: None

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