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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

Originally Posted by Nova_Eevee View Post
(is this better? i mean i really want to play this, but i dont really edit my stuff, so this is all new to me.)
Yep, that's better. Background could have been a bit longer, but its alright.

Xexan Operatives
Fennel Yew (Part 1) (Part 2) [Ninetales and Mismagius Chimera] – Played by Latio-Reol
Alex Waters [Bellossom, Lilligant, and Venusaur Chimera] – Played by Neo Emolga
Aur Morose [Porygon-Z, Metagross, Ariados Chimera] – Played by Lusankya

Siphon Operatives
James Dasillion/C.E.A.S.A.R Dasillion – Played by Supremist Rain

Alex Tailleon – Played by Nova Eevee

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