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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon: Dark Science - Black Consernation

su #1 is done :)

Name: Nikolai Holmes
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Pokémon Forms: Gengar and Lucario Pokemorph

Description: Nikolai stands at six feet tall and weighs in at a mere 90lbs and looks like he can beat the living daylights out of anyone just by glaring at them. He has short cropped navy blue hair, deep set eyes and a piercing glare. His dark eyes are a deep blood red like that of a Gengars that gives him a look of a starving wolf. Nikolai has pitch black skin like that of a shadow, often making it hard to see his countenance, or any sort of defining marks on his body. His wardrobe is very plain and scruffy looking. He normally wears a pale white t-shirt and rough blue jeans that are ripped and torn. He loathes wearing any sort of close-toed shoes, preferring the openness of sandals. His body is what one would call ripped, if you could see it that is. Always training with his Pokemon more often than not physically, has stripped him of any fat. While he retained his human form, his body is devoid of any sort of defining features. The only things about him that you can actually see are his eyes and hair.

Personality: Nikolai is not one to back down on his word. Once he says he’s going to do something he does it, not matter what happens in between. Nikolai is also a kind caring person that is when he isn’t attempting to beat someone to a bloody pulp. He likes to fight and doesn’t take it well when one insults him his family, or his friends. He is fiercely loyal and devoted to his friends and family, which now only consists of his Pokemon. He is the type of person who would put his own life on the line to save his family and friends than see them hurt. Although he is opposed to Xexans way of doing things, he is loyal to them as they saved him from the Tempest Virus.

History: Nikolai was born in Viridian City in the Kanto Region. His father was a well known martial artist by then name of Tobias Holmes. Tobias trained Nikolai from as early as he could walk. There were three life changing events for Nikolai, the first happened when he was eight years old. Nikolai and his mother were on a late night run to the store. Thinking that he could protect her from just about anything, he felt safe with her as they went to buy some groceries. However what happened when they were in the checkout line would traumatize him for years to come.

A group of men came charging in shooting off their guns randomly. They were drunk and on some sort of drug, but there had been some casualties. Some of the few people that were in the store were shot, and his mother had bent down to protect Nikolai, but she had got shot right in the head. At first he wasn’t sure what to make of it, as the men had left as quickly as they had come. He was in shock, traumatized by what he had just witnessed. Although he was in shock, his father was enraged. Tobias eventually found out who had murdered his wife and went berserk. He went into their hideout on the outskirts of the Viridian forest and by himself took out the entire gang.

Being calmed by his revenge, Tobias took up the mantle and raised Nikolai by himself to be the best martial artist there was. They were in the middle of one of their wilderness trainings when the second event happened. While it had been four years since his mother had died, he had never gotten over it, not until he found a lone Riolu trapped in a poacher’s net. It was still young only had just hatched, though unknown to him. It was then that he realized he couldn’t dwell on the past forever, if he wanted to live the best way he could, he had to keep his mind on the present, and he would not let another take his mothers place if he could help it. He released the Riolu and finding, much to his astonishment that some sort of bond had formed between the two. Perhaps it was that their auras had a perfect match, but whatever it was, the two became inseparable the moment they met. Finding himself delighted at the new change that had come over his son, Tobias felt that it was time to let him go on his own Pokemon journey. As the two grew, Riolu learned as much from Nikolai as Nikolai learned from Riolu. On his journey he met many people and Pokemon, one of the Pokemon he met was his second partner, a Ghastly with a fondness for pulling practical jokes on the unwary. Through their adventures, and growing bonds, Riolu had eventually evolved into a Lucario and Ghastly into a Haunter, then a Gengar. The bond between those three were greater than any that had ever become before. Nikolai had been the happiest he had been in years. After five years of his travels, Nikolai decided to head back home, only to find that it looked like it had been abandoned. Unsure what to make of this, he questioned around about what had happened. He had found out that his father had been somehow over powered and taken by an organization that called themselves Siphon.

Going on what few pieces of information that he had, he went to Unova, the one place that they were said to have come from. He searched in vain, not much was known about Siphon at the time, not until eight years later when they came out in the open and released the Tempest Virus on Unova. This was when the third event happened to change his life. He became infected by the virus. He was found by a group of scientists who had claimed that they had a cure to Tempest, but what he found when he went with them had disturbed him greatly. These were no mere men, they were mutants, however while some had grotesque forms, others were more sublime and even what one would call beautiful. They explained that they were from a group called Xexan, and that they wanted to help mankind in any way possible. When they explained what would happen when they turned him into one of them, he immediately rejected the idea. He would never willingly choose to sacrifice any living being to save his own, especially not his only family that he had left.

However it was not Nikolai who made the decision, but it was his two most trusted Pokemon, Lucario and Gengar. They knew what he had sacrificed to save them, now it was their turn. They would rather die than see their master and friend be in as much pain as he was. They convinced him to go through with the operation. And when it was complete, he felt hollow inside. A wave of sadness washed over him at the thought that he would never be able to see his two most trusted companions ever again. It was then that he swore to himself that he would protect Xexan for the sake of his companions. While it was clear for him to protect Xexan with his life, as his partners did for him, he still had another goal in mind. He needed to find his father.

When Siphon had come out in the open and introduced their ‘cure’ to Unova, Nikolai found it even more abhorrent than what Xexan were doing. Siphon was making mindless slaves. Their cyborgs were nothing more than an empty shell of what the original human was. He needed to find his father fast, and prayed to Arceus that whatever had happened, that Tobias was not turned into one of those mindless slaves. Nikolai is still searching for Tobias.

Powers: Being both a fighting type and ghost type pokemorph has given him the ability to solidify and dissolve his physical body at will. He has almost complete mastery of aura thanks to Lucarios ability and can move in the shadows like that of Gengars. Also being part ghost physical attacks do little to no harm to him, and he can slip through most solid objects, unless of course there’s barrier or something up that prevents ghosts from doing that sort of thing…

Pokémon: Froslass Spiritomb Poliwrath Hydredgion

Other: <Any miscellaneous details not included above, such as skills, traits, equipment, and so on.>

I'll get Tobias up sometime tomorrow or friday.... i hope....:D

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