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Default Re: Trading Depot [For All Your Small Trading Needs!]

Originally Posted by wolvesofmiami View Post

I'm desperately looking for a shiny TYNAMO or EELEKTRIK level 40.

I can offer:

- DRAGONITE level 61 shiny
- SQUIRTLE level 1 shiny
- GOLBAT level 40 shiny
- VAPOREON level 25 shiny
- MEWTWO level 70
- FEEBAS untouched level 1
- MANAPHY untouched level 1
- GIRATINA untouched level 1
- DEOXYS level 41
- CELEBI 10aniv level 73
- HYDREIGON level 65

Friend code is:451302722935
Originally Posted by KTownMANIAC View Post

Pm me
Some of what I have and want is In my signature. But I'm mainly looking for shinies right now can anyone help?
you have to stop post every other post, if you see something that you want pm the person directly

also guys fill this out and people will get in contact with you
In Game Name:
Friend Code:
How you want to be contacted:
Pokemon/Item Want:
Pokemon/Item offered:

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

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