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Default Re: [SU] Dusk of Broken Harmony [SU] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Name: Surge
Species: Houndour
Age: 19
Gender: male
Appearance: Surge is just like most Houndour when it comes to size. He is 2'00" and weighs 24 pounds, a little heavier than common Houndour. His short black fur is a little darker than most, but he has the signature burnt orange muzzle and underbelly which is also darker. His canines are longer and protrude from under his upper jaw, has white bands on his ankles, and more rib-like ones on his back. Surge also appears to have a simplistic, stylized skull on his forehead, with the orbits looking much like "eyebrow" patterning commonly seen on dogs. However, instead of having the trademark bright red eyes Surge has deep cobalt blue ones and has a vertical scar on his right eye that starts at his brow, stops at the top of his eye to continue on under it and end on his cheek.

Personality: Surge is extremely loyal to his companions. He has no problem risking his life to protect a fellow comrade on the battlefield, but he has the will to survive all injuries to fight another day. However, he has developed trust issues and always keeps a watching eye on those he isn't sure about. He tends to stray away from social events unless the meetings are for battle strategy, and usually stays quiet unless he has something to say. He has no problem biting before asking questions.
History: Surge is a special Houndour. When he was younger he used to live in the mountains. One day he ventured to high up and was stuck in a blizzard, and because he could not find any shelter or a way to warm himself up he should have died that day. However, before he blacked out something caught his eye. He saw a light blue plate, and with what little strength he had left he went to look at it. He touched his front paw to it, and he quickly recoiled and pulled his paw back due to two things; one reason being that the plate was ice cold against his paw pads, and the other was that it started to glow. The young Houndour was curious and moved his head closer to get a better look, but the plate was soon engulfed in a blinding light. Surge closed his eyes at the bright light, so he didn't see that the light that be plate was surrounded in soon after hit him, causing a light blue aura to be around his small frame. Once the light died down and he stopped glow, he opened his eyes to see that the plate had vanished and soon realized that he no longer felt the need to rest. He now felt more comfortable in the snow storm and not as weakened. With his new strength, he was able to find a small cave to settle in and wait out the storm.

At that stage of life, the only fire-type move he knew was Ember. He was able to find some material he believed would hold a flame deeper in the cavern, so he gathered it and intended to make a fire to help warm up a bit. But instead of the usual red flames of Ember, what shot out from his parted jaws were small blue fire balls. They caught some of the material ablaze, but very shortly after the flame died down and what material was caught on fire was now frozen in solid ice. The Houndour pup was confused and leaned in closer to the ice to investigate it, but when he saw his reflection he jumped back in surprise. His eyes were no longer red but blue. Still confused on what was going on he tired to use Ember again. The second time around, the normal red fire balls were produced and set the other material ablaze with warming light and heat to melt the snow off of his fur. During the remainder of the blizzard, Surge trained himself to be able to summon the blue flame on command, and by the time he was able to leave the cave to return home he believed he had it down.

Not long after that, around the age of five years perhaps, he had his first encounter with a human. It was a human child who had wandered off from her mother, so Surge kept the girl company and tried to help her find her parents' He was successful, but the father had taken the opportunity to "re-home" Surge, thinking that maybe the Houndour knew something about what the Pokémon forces were planning. But Surge at the time was too young, so the man decided to train him to fight for the humans. At first Surge accepted the training, liking that he could become stronger. But the trust he gave the humans was soon betrayed when the man slashed at Surge's right eye with a bladed weapon, injuring him and causing Surge to go into a rage and destroy the house the family lived in. He felt bad and worried about the two women, but he had no remorse for the injuries, and possible death, of the man who almost took his sight from his right eye. The scar that remains is now a constant reminder of how a human betrayed the trust he gave.

Surge wandered around one of the few remaining forests after that, his injury still bleeding and by that time injected. He thought that it was probably his end and decided to lay down in some shade. He didn't want to die, but he felt like his body just could not go on. Before falling asleep, he saw a green graceful figure approaching him. It wasn't until later that he learned that it was one of the three Musketeer Pokémon, Virizion, who brought him to the Pokémon base camp to be treated. He learned that other Pokémon in the camp had had bad experiences with humans and believed that the human race needed to be put in its place. He felt his heart race, adrenaline pumping as he listened and agreed with what other Pokémon were saying. He became really excited when Terrakion, captain of the attack forces for the Pokémon army, was recruiting. Surge wanted to be on the battlefield and inflect the same pain onto the humans as they had done to him. He soon proved his strength and is now in the ranks under the Cavern Pokémon, training himself to become stronger and hopefully be promoted to one of the highest ranks of the offensive forces.
Ability: Flash Fire- Powers up Fire-type moves if hit by one
Leer- The opposing team gains an intimidating leer with sharp eyes. The opposing team's Defense stats are reduced.
Howl- Surge howls loudly to raise its spirit, boosting its Attack stat.
Bite- The target is bitten with viciously sharp fangs. It may make the target flinch.
(Icicle) Fire Fang- Can be either a Fire-type move or Ice-type. If Fire, Surge bites with flame-cloaked fang and may leave it burned. If Ice, he bites with cold-infused blue flame-cloaked fangs that may leave it frozen. Both types have a chance of causing the target to flinch if he attacks before the target
(Ice-)Flamethrower- Can be either a Fire-type move or Ice-type. If Fire, target is scorched with an intense blast of fire and may also leave the target with a burn. If Ice, the target is struck with an icy-cold blast of blue fire and may also freeze the target solid.
Thunder Fang- Surge bites with electrified fangs that may also make the target flinch or leave it with paralysis.
Alliance: Musketeers
Crystal Momoyia

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