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Default Re: [SU] Dusk of Broken Harmony [SU] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Name: Darkclaw

Species: Luxio

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: For the most part, Darkclaw is a normal Luxio. His claws, however, are a fair bit longer than normal and they are very dark purple. He has a long scar on his left side from a fight with one of the Musketeer's Pokemon. His ears are pointier and more like a cat's than a lion's. Instead of the large pointy hair spike on the top of his head, his mane simply spikes up near the back.

Personality: Darkclaw is usually quiet and absorbed in his own thoughts. He can be very grouchy when talked to and can sometimes appear apathetic. However this is not the case; he just doesn't display his emotions very openly. He doesn't like to get to know anyone but if you can get through to him, you will have a die-hard loyal friend who would walk through fire to save you.

History: Will reveal in the rp; it honestly depends on who I can have.

Ability: Intimidate

Techniques: Thunder Fang, Crunch, Night Slash, Charge, Wild Charge

Alliance: Neutral

If possible may I also reserve Lugia, Rayquaza, or Mew? :3
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