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Default Re: Open Battle: Mawile_rocks vs sammy0295

Now that Gothita had fainted, Mawile_rocks needed to choose the Pokémon who would continue the battle. After a few moments of consideration she chose her shiny Heracross, Kesh. The purple bug burst onto the field and stared made a quick note of what he was up against. Jolt, who was barely able to stand by this point, looked up at him; he had hoped that it was over now but it seemed like he’d have to go on for as long as he could – though that wouldn’t be very long.

Round Eight


[Jolt] Eevee (M)

HP: 80%
Energy: 8%
Condition: Very tired
Moves: Switch (Torkoal) ~ Eruption


[Kesh] Heracross (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Ready to battle
Moves: Earthquake ~ Earthquake

However, it seemed that Jolt’s trainer didn’t want Jolt to continue at the moment. He was commanded to return to his trainer instead; he followed the command and was returned to his Poké ball for a short rest. Now Sammy could use a fresh Pokémon to take on Mawile’s Heracross – in the end he went for the one who had a type advantage over the bug, Cherail. The shiny Torkoal blasted into the battle in a cloud of white smoke. Her closed eyes swept the battlefield, taking in all they could. Finaly, she turned to face her opponent, ready for whatever came.

Kesh watched the new arrival with horror. He knew that Cherial had a type advantage over him so this could become very painful for her if she wasn’t careful. His trainer’s orders were to use Earthquake, which would deal a lot of damage to her opponent; she smiled and set about obeying her orders. A red aura began to surround his body, darker around his legs than anywhere else. Then he jumped into the air and came back down to earth with a terrific crash. The ground shook for a few moments, causing Cherial to become unsteady and fall over on to her side. She remained there for the rest of the time the ground was shaking before she got up.

She may as well have stayed there as it was only moments after the last attack faded away that Kesh collided with the ground for the second time. Once again the ground shook vigorously causing the heavy tortoise to fall once again. This time, however, she rolled over a couple of times before the ground stopped shaking. Nevertheless, she once again managed to get to her feet – now it was her turn.

Although Cherial had taken quite a beating during the last couple of attacks, she still had enough fire power to get her own back. The coal inside her shell began to burn hotter and more furiously until the flames were powerful enough for her to release at her opponent, who even as the sword dangled over him was rejoicing in his previous achievements. Then Cherial opened her mouth and a blast of fire and smoke rocketed at the overconfident Heracross. The attack struck Kesh right in the chest and knocked him backwards off of his feet. A line of scorched grass now connected the positions of the two battlers, one standing while the other rolled on the ground, trying to put out the flames. Slowly, Kesh stood once again – he was wrong to have gotten cocky about hitting his foe so hard, he wouldn’t make the same mistake again.


[Cherial] Torkoal (F)

HP: 76%
Energy: 91%
Condition: Glad to have settled the score a little


[Kesh] Heracross (M)

HP: 88%
Energy: 76%
Condition: Sure that he won’t make the same mistake again

Earthquake- (Hercross -12 Energy; Torkoal -12 HP)
Earthquake- (Heracross -12 Energy; Torkoal -12 HP)
Eruption- (Torkoal -9 Energy; Heracross -17 HP)

Arena Notes

Team Notes
3 Pokemon remaining
Jolt: 80% HP, 8% Energy
2 Pokemon remaining