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While Nurse Joy had healed Buneary of its poison, the two boys sat and talked with a few other trainers. Most were heading to a town called Pewter City. A tall boy boy with a skateboard, who was a trainer also, by the look of the pokeballs on his belt, spoke, "There is a Pokemon Gym there. The Leader is named Brock. He uses Rock type Pokemon. Thats a really tough battle because Rock types are hard to break."
Kalen was really excited and looked at Eishiba and said, "I can't wait. I want to head there now." He said jumping up and grabbing his bag. Eishiba felt bad that his new friend wanted to go on ahead but he knew the boy was just eager. Eishiba shook his hand and watched as Kalen zoomed out the door.
Eishiba sat around for a little while longer, watching people battle. He viewed a Hitmonchan and an Electabuzz battling. It was incredible. The Electabuzz was so fast, and the Hitmonchan was really strong. Nurse Joy brought him his Buneary who was bouncing vibrantly and excitedly. Eishiba took his Buneary and thanked Nurse Joy. He watched as the Hitmonchan nailed a massive Mega Punch and fell Electabuzz to the ground. Hitmonchan had won. Eishiba wondered if his Mankey would ever be as great as the Hitmonchan.
Suddenly, a window in the room was smashed and a several small purples balls laid on the ground. They let forth a blinding smoke which caused the room to be filled with smoke. Eishiba couldn't see. There were only footsteps. Eishiba held tightly to his Buneary as they both coughed from the smoke. "Whats going on?" Nurse Joy's voice sounded. There were a few smaller voices questioning the event.
Just then, Eishiba felt a hand on his belt. It was reaching for his Pokeballs. Eishiba grabbed the hand as it tried to take the balls from his belt. Eishiba shouted, "Let go, you thief!" The hand was much stronger than Eishiba. Eishiba looked at his Buneary and said, "Please, help me!" The Buneary stood up and jumped into the cloud of smoke towards the hand. There was a thud and the hand retreated. Buneary bounced back to Eishiba. He looked at his Pokemon and said, "Thanks buddy. That thief was going to steal our friends."
The smoke faded and everyone was in distress. One girl, stood in the middle of the room looking around frantically. She had light green eyes and long brown hair. She stood about 5'3" and had a backpack on. She had a shirt with a Krabby on it. She cried out, "My Pokemon! Someone took my Pokemon!" Eishiba stood up and held onto his Buneary and said, "What happened?"
She spoke, "My Pokemon was stolen! It was on my belt and it was stolen! What do I do!"
Eishiba said, "Did you happen to see anyone?"
She shook her head, "No, one minute I had it, then next it was gone."
Eishiba ran out of the room. He noticed footprints on the ground. He began to follow them as the trainer who had the skateboard said, "On the trail are you?"
Eishiba nodded saying, "Yes, I'm going to find out who did this."
The trainer said, "Good, Ill come with you. You may need help. I'm Aaron by the way."
"I'm Eishiba," he spoke as they shook hands. The boy let out a Pokemon and a Growlithe stood ready. Its red fur and burnt smell made it intimidating. Aaron spoke, "Growlithe, follow the trail."
The growlithe let forth a bark and then pressed its nose just above the ground and took a sniff. It began to walk foreward and went throughout the city. It led them to an abandoned warehouse with only one door, however, it was locked. "Darn," Eishiba said. Aaron said, "Growlithe, use Ember on the door." Growlithe began to spew a small fire from its mouth. It aimed at the door. After three minutes, the door had become fragile. It barely held on to its hinges. Eishiba took out a Pokeball and let out his Squirtle. It stood on its two legs and looked up at Eishiba. Eishiba knelt down beside it and said, "Squirtle. We are on a hunt for some thieves. We want to get this door open. Do you think you can Tackle that door?" Squirtle nodded and got a running start and lept into the air and withdrew into its shell. The force of Squirtle knocked the door down. The two boys entered the door. Inside the door was a small hallway that was covered in dust. They took only three more steps before seeing two men dressed in white clothing in a larger room. Both had masks on, so their faces weren't recognizable. They were both about 6 feet tall. Their build led the boys to believe they were men.
One of them spoke, "I can't believe we got away with so many Pokemon. We have a Meowth, an Azurill, a Feebas, and a Tauros."
The other man spoke next, "Yeah, I almost had a bunch myself except the guy had a Pokemon which pounded my head. It still hurts!"
"If you had just taken then instead of fumble with everything you would have made off. Your not cut out to be part of Team Rocket."
The other man let out a sigh. Just then there was a strange, "sniffle". Eishiba looked down at his Squirtle who was wrinkling its nose. Eishiba began to reach for Squirtle when Squirtle let out a loud sneeze. It echoed thoughout the warehouse as the two men jumped up. Seeing they had been found, they shouted, "Don't move, your not supposed to be in here!"
Eishiba shook his head at Squirtle, who was rubbing its nose still. Eishiba then said, "We aren't leaving until we get those Pokemon back. Give them to us now and we will leave. If not, we will just take them." Aaron stood ready with his Growlithe at his side. The two men took out their own Pokeballs and threw them foreward. The first Pokemon was a Carnivine, the second man released a Beedrill. Both Pokemon looked ready for battle. Aaron leaned over and said, "Let me take the Carnivine." He then shouted, Growlithe, use Ember!" The growlithe again spewed flames, contacting the Carnivine. The two began to battle. Eishiba looked at the Beedrill and said, Squirtle, use Tackle!" Squirtle ran forward and withdrew into its shell as before, and smashed into the Beedrill. The giant bee staggered a bit and then charged foreward, trying to prick Squirtle with its needles. The Beedrill was very fast. Much faster than Squirtle. It knocked Squirtle over onto its back. Squirtle shook crazily trying to turn over, but like any turtle on its back, it was helpless. The man shouted, "Now finish it! Twin Needle!" The Beedrill charged, needles ready. "Squirtle, Water Gun!" Squirtle opened its mouth and shot a small stream of water. The force was strong enough that it knocked the Beedrill to the ground.
Just then, Eishiba saw the Carnivine fall to the ground. The two men grumbled and complained. They took the Pokeballs containing Pokemon from other trainers and threw them at the ground and made a mad dash out of the building.
After collecting the Pokeballs, they then walked back to the Pokemon Center. The girl and three other worried trainers stood talking to an Officer. Aaron and Eishiba walked up and the officer introduced herself as Officer Jenny. "Where have you two boys been? There are thieves in the area."
"Not anymore," Eishiba said. "We chased them away."
"You what?" she asked. "Your not supposed to be getting involved in police buisness young man. You could have been seriously hurt."
Eishiba leaned to Aaron and said, "Sounds like my mom..."
The officer said, "If I catch you interferring again..."
Eishiba nodded and watched as the officer left and then said, "What a b*tch."
Eishiba and Aaron returned the Pokeballs to their trainers. The girl shouted saying, "Yay, my wonderful Azurill! Thank you! Now we can head to Pewter City."
Eishiba said, "Hey, thats where I'm going."
Aaron said, "Hey, me also. We can all walk together."
The three of them then made their way towards the edge of Viridian City. Pewter City, here we come!
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