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Default Re: [WAR X] The Cullen

Originally Posted by Silver Slasher View Post
Name: Silver Slasher
Preferred Nickname: SS
Gender: Male
Reason(s) for joining: It has less members, and I want both teams to be equal.
WAR Experience: I was in WAR VII, WAR VIII, and a third war which I'm confused about...
WAR Sections: Sprite Art, POL, URPG, and Music if it happens.
Originally Posted by Silver Slasher View Post
I did start a team, but I don't think anybody will join by June, because I'm not very well known.
This may sound weird, but I'm going to deny this SU...but not because I don't trust you or don't want you. The reason I am denying your SU into The Cullen is because I think you're giving up much too early on your Team =3

Take some time to see if you gain some members. If time goes by and nothing happens, apply for The Cullen again, and I promise we'll welcome you into the pack ^^.

Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
Name: Lord mother freaking Khajmer
Preferred Nickname: Khaj or Nate works fine.
Gender: Male
Reason(s) for joining: Wolves. Only the wolves. (also I've only ever enjoyed one other team as much, and I don't think that one's coming back)
WAR Experience: I've been in every non-parody WAR since I joined except the last one.
WAR Sections: URPG, Debate, Pokemon Online, Drawn Art, and I hereby pledge that I will attempt to contribute something to every Event I possibly can.

Good to be back with the pack.
Welcome back to the pack, Nate!
<3 Paired with Dog of Hellsing, mah awesome vampire lady <3
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