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Default Re: [SU] Dusk of Broken Harmony [SU] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Name: Mystery
Species: Ditto
Age: 14
Gender: Male. (Even though actually it would be Genderless.)
Appearance: Mystery is a Shiny Ditto.

Personality: He is quiet, because of that most pokemon and people don't know much about him. Mystery is like one big mystery. Even though he is mysterious, he helps the pokemon which are working for the Musketeers where ever it can.
History: It all began when Mystery was caught by a trainer. Back then he was just a little-slimy-blue-Ditto. He trained a lot with his trainer and became friends with his trainer. Until that day came... A day he would never forget... He still knows every detail of it... It was Friday and he was save inside his pokeball. But on a moment he was freed from his pokeball, not anymore connected to his pokeball... But when he looked around, he saw a cage. A cage where he was in. A cage made of glass with only a few holes to breath. He saw his trainer and another person. He believed they were talking about him. He wanted to call his trainer to let him out of this prison, but what the trainer did was just evil... The other person gave money to his trainer... And his trainer left him... With a stranger, which looked like a rich guy. He knew he had to escape, but how? The walls of his cage were made of glass and the holes were to small and to high to get through it. He was stuck... Stuck in a prison of glass...

Some days later, another person came into the room. The rich guy and the person were talking to each other. He saw that the person had a Machop with him. Mystery then knew he had to strike fast before it was to late. He transformed into the Machop and smashed the wall of glass to pieces. He jumped out of the window and ran. He ran into the forest, he ran and ran. But after a while he got lost. He knew he had to survive... But how? He ate berries that came from trees and drank water from a river. After that he stayed in the forest, trying to survive...

A whole time later, he met one of the Musketeers. The legendary pokemon told him that they wanted to get revenge on the humans, and Mystery wanted that too. He then joined the Musketeers in a battle for life and death...
Ability: Limber
Techniques: Lol... Transform.
Alliance: Musketeers
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