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Default Re: [SU] Dusk of Broken Harmony [SU] (A Pokémon Role Play)

Sorry about the long wait there Crystal. Anyway here is my completed sign up below. I decided to go with playing as a Celebi.

***Also!!! During the role play he will be unable to use his Time Travelling abilities due to his power being lost after his defeat against Cobalion and the legendary trio...***

Name: Chrono

Species: Celebi

Age: 22 (With all the time traveling its hard to know exactly)

Gender: Genderless (will try to reference him mostly as a male)

Appearance: Chrono is a green fairy-like creature. He has round toe-less feet, three-fingered hands, and clear wings on his back. He has a round head that comes to a point and sticks upward in the back. He has large light red colored eyes with thick black rings around them, and a pair of green antennae that are tipped blue. His most prominent feature is a deep faded scar running across his right eye from an encounter against the Legendary Beasts in hopes of stopping the powerful Pokemon from carrying out there plans.

Personality: Chrono is a very kind, patient and gentle Pokemon. He has always watched out for the world traveling through time trying to keep the delicate balance of power in order. He is always willing to lay down his life in defense for some one weaker than him whether they be human or Pokemon. He knows that he like all creatures has his limitation especially in battle so he picks his battles accordingly. He hopes no... He knows that one day he can restore the proper balance of power between humans and Pokemon that he has seen in the past so very long ago...

History: For the longest time Chrono was sent to this world by Arceus to protect the world by granting him the power to travel through the very fabric of time itself, and for many years has done so successfully. It wasn't until he felt the powerful negative force of the humans and their pursuit of science and its terrible effect on the world that he knew he must intervene in hopes of restoring the world to its former glory.

As he emerged from one of his time rifts that he saw how the once beautiful planet had already started to become barren while it continued to wither away. He had also noticed he constant fighting between Humans and Pokemon that he had to do everything in his power to stop it. It was then he learned of the Pokemon Musketeer's led by the legendary trio Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and after another jump through time confronted the powerful beasts. Upon seeing the time traveler the legendary Pokemon tried to convince Chrono to join them in there battle against the humans and by using his power they could travel back in time to when humans would be much weaker and easier to destroy to which he instantly declined. In a heartfelt plea Chrono tried to convince the Pokemon of their pointless conflict which the humans to which there could be no victor which quickly enraged the Pokemon into attacking him.

Although he fought valiantly against the trio he was eventually overpowered and with powerful "Sacred Sword" attack from Cobalion which slashed across his eye striking him down onto the ground defeated. Before the final blow was struck Chrono using almost the last of his powers jumped into a portal in time not knowing exactly where he would turn up.

Now as he tumbles through the fabric of time he knows that only by joining up with the Legendary Beasts that he will stand a chance at restoring the world to it former glory.

After all he has one thing that can save this world....


Ability: Natural Cure- Heals any status ailment upon switching out or after every battle.

Psychic- Chrono's signature move. Using his powerful psychic abilities he is able to launch a surge of psychic energy at his opponent as well as use the move to affect his environment around him. (Lifting rocks, knocking things over, etc.)
Future Sight- Chrono's eyes or whole body glows light blue. After a little bit of time passes, the wind blows strong and a sphere of rainbow colored energy comes out of nowhere, striking the opponent.
Recover- Chrono is able to restore damage to his body however this leaves him vulnerable to attack immediately after he uses it.
Leech Seed- Chrono launches a seed which after attaching itself to the Pokemon begins to drain its energy from it restoring his health in the process.
Safeguard- Chrono surrounds himself with a barrier of light blue energy shield shielding him and those around him from attacks unless they are highly powerful.
Magical Leaf- After channeling his energy around him Chrono launches a barrage of razor sharp leafs that home in on his enemy.
Ancient Power- Chrono after channeling his energy launches either a single large rock or a barrage of small to medium sized rocks filled with ancient energy at his enemy.
Heal Block- Chrono using his psychic abilities disables his opponent from using recovery moves. This fades away after a short amount of time unless he completely focuses on disabling his opponent.
Healing Wish- Chrono's last ditch resort to where after channeling his entire energy into his body before releasing a powerful healing blast restoring all of his allies in a green cleansing glow. However upon using this he is completely with out energy and dies.
Leaf Storm- Chrono's ultimate attack where he after channeling the power of nature around him launches a deadly barrage of razor sharp leafs that decimate all those in front of him. Afterwards he is completely susceptible to attack due to the strain on his body.

Alliance: Legendary Beasts

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