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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Ghost White Edition: Recruiting 6 good wifi/po battle

Originally Posted by Lockon Stratos View Post
Well for nite you actually need 2 d dances to be effective...(Just be careful off dittos) For the grass fighter you can change out x-scissor for stone edge if you want but then you might be leaving your self open to psychic types.
well im also have a problem with to many status moves and no cure

i just battled this guy named rape you ..he starts off with charizard and belldrums with salac berry
so he beats out two of my pokemon, then writes superior. so i come back and beat him 3-0 and right before i was about to end it. i tell him before we say good game, it should be known that i was always better then you..HAHAHA and he rage quit

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