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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Collectors Edition: Open

Originally Posted by shinyshuckle View Post
Thank you. Yeah I kept everything on four gen carts. Catch me on and I have EVERYTHING that you've given me, and I can give you everything back [only problem is it will have to be in about a week when I get home again if you can wait that long].

I made a nice announcement about learning to RNG and you just want to talk about food D:

For you just ask nicely :P
I just need to be able to clone first :L
i found a cloning code, just gotta test it to make sure it works..
Originally Posted by Lockon Stratos View Post
Shiny shuckle teach me how to RNG! that or knuckles<.< No seriously I need to start so I can get on the wi-fi scene...
i'll help you with it once a working SID finder is found, which i gotta check a code i found actually

Edit: @ DM- you said you have a flawless Ditto, yes?

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