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Default Re: IceKyurem - Snivy - Water's Edge

Round 3

Opening Stats

Slowpoke (F)
Ability: Own Tempo
HP: 87
Energy: 95
Moves: Headbutt

[Tsu] Snivy (F)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 77
Energy: 57
Moves: Leaf Blade

Snivy smirked. It ran forward towards the pink slowpoke as quick as it could. It's tail began to glow a bright green, which slowly changed into a illuminated white. It jumped into the air, did a flip then slashed its tail against the top of the slowpoke. It flinched it's body and blinked hit again by a strong super effective attack.[Leaf Blade; Snivy: -13 Energy / Slowpoke: -13 HP]
But soon enough the pink slowpoke stood up. It lowered its head and began to charge towards the panting Snivy. It crashed into the snivy and knocked it over on its side. After doing its attack, it wobbled backwards a ways then laid down.[Headbutt; Snivy: -11 HP / Slowpoke: -15 Energy]

Round Over

Ending Stats

Slowpoke (F)
Ability: Own Tempo
HP: 74
Energy: 80
Moves: Confusion

[Tsu] Snivy (F)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 66
Energy: 44
Moves: Leaf Blade


What would you like to do?

1- Attack
2- Capture
3- Run

You have 22 Safari Points left.


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