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Walking through the Viridian Forest was a blast. Eishiba got to see many different Bug type Pokemon. Pokemon such as Rattata and Pidgey had become more sparse. Even a few Pikachu were around. With his two new friends, Aaron, and Talim, as the girl called herself, they traversed Viridian Forest. Apparently no one had any interest in Bug type Pokemon. Talim didn't seem scared of them like most girls. "I like Bug Pokemon. However, they aren't as good as my little Azurill."
Aaron said, "Well your Azurill isn't as good as my Growlithe!"
She shook her head laughing and saying, "Well my Azurill would have the advantage in type. So I think I would win."
Aaron grinned and said, "Is that a challenge?"
She laughed and said, "Sure, lets duke it out right here!"
Eishiba stood as the ref as both trainers threw their Pokeballs into the grass and both Azurill and Growlithe erupted.
Aaron shouted, "Growlithe, we have the disadvantage. We can't let that get to us. You can do it!"
Talim said, "Azurill! You look so cute today! Win me a battle!"
Growlithe charged into battle, much bigger and faster than Azurill. "Azurill!" Talim called out. "Use Bubble!"
Azurill opened its tiny mouth and a small stream of bubbles flew out at Growlithe. With its great speed, Growlithe avoided the attack and made a big jump over Azurill. "Growlithe, Growl at it! Then use Howl!"
Growlithe looked at the small Azurill as it slowly turned around to meet the fiery dog. Growlithe then barred its teeth and made a deep growl from its throat. Azurill froze where it was with wide eyes in fear. Then Growlithe let out a massive howl as it looked into the sky. The sound echoed throughout the forest. Azurill cried in fear and turned back running to Talim is the intimidation was too much. Talim picked up Azurill and said, "Its ok, its just a big scary dog. I won't let it do anything to you."
Aaron said, "I guess that makes me the winner. I'm off to a good start."
She nodded and said, "One day Azurill will evolve and then it will beat you."
"Better start training now," Aaron said. He looked at Eishiba and said, "How about a battle? My Growlithe didn't break a sweat from Azurill."
Eishiba nodded and grabbed a Pokeball and opened it as Mankey erupted. It stood and looked around. It was calm and quiet. Eishiba looked at Mankey and said, "Are you ready for a battle?"
Mankey looked at Eishiba with a slightly calm face. "I'm glad its not angry right now," Eishiba thought. Aaron said to Growlithe, "This may be a little tougher but you can do it! Do another growl!"
Growlithe once again bared its teeth and growled. Mankey grew wide eyed for a second being started by the growl. Its eyes grew angry as it only made Mankey mad. It began screeching and hoping around. Eishiba said, "Mankey use Scratch!"
"Growlithe, go for a Bite!" Aaron called. The two Pokemon charged at each other. Mankey was a little faster and covered more ground than Growlithe. As Mankey raised its small claws into the air, Growlithe opened its mouth. Growlithe caught Mankey's hand in its mouth as it bit down. Mankey cried out, becoming more furious. "Mankey! Are you ok?"Eishiba called out.
Mankey stood there with its hand stuck in Growlithe's grip. Finding out it couldn't escape, it reared one of its legs back and kicked Growlithe hard in the side. Eishiba realized Mankey had used Low Kick. The kick sent Growlithe to the ground as it yelped as it fell. It slowly stood up.
"Growlithe, use Ember!" Aaron called. Growlithe began to spew a small stream of fire which contacted Mankey. Mankey spun around from the heat as Eishiba called out, "Low Kick!"
Mankey directed another Low Kick which connected right under Growlithe's chest, just below its neck. Growlithe staggered back from the kick. It began to whine as Mankey moved in to finish it.
"Ok, stop. You win Eishiba. I don't want to see Growlithe take any more injury." Aaron said as he rushed to his Growlithe. He looked at Growlithe who barely stood after taking two heavy Low Kicks and said, "You did good. Time for a rest." He said as he called it back.
Eishiba looked at Mankey and patted its head. "You did good Mankey. You won!"
Mankey clapped its hands. It looked around seeing that nothing else was around for it to beat on. It cried out as it began to thrash around. It made a run for Eishiba. Eishiba quickly got his Pokeball out and called Mankey back before it decided to give him a Low Kick or something.
Talim said, "That Mankey seems really...difficult to train."
Eishiba shrugged and said, "Its a challenge. Every trainer faces them regardless of the Pokemon. This one just needs some..."
Aaron interupted and said, "Anger Management?"
Everyone laughed as they made their way to Pewter City.
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