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Default Re: Simple Question/Simple Answer Thread

Originally Posted by TsukiKaiki64 View Post
That's like, my second bible. I've read it tons of times. I just can't decide if I should have a Spec. Defensive Hippowdon or a Defensive one...
My friend's team are more Spec. Atk oriented,
As a general rule, go straight physical, the high amounts of overlapping types on weather teams mean that you'll rarely have an opportunity to switch in. Assuming you have multiple ground/rock Pokemon aiming to abuse sandstorm, odds are you'll be attracting Water, Ice and Grass attacks, all things that also hit 'Don super effectively and are more often than not special attacks. A wall is not a very good wall if it cannot switch into the attacks you're trying to avoid your other Pokemon taking and survive. It depends on the team as a whole, of course, but from the information you've given I'd recommend going 252HP/252Def/6SpDef.

but Hippo's Spec. Def is awful...
On the contrary, base 72 is nothing to sniff at for a poke obviously designed to be a physical tank. It's obviously not something you can rely on to wall hits all day long, but between a half decent latent SpDef and that huge maximised HP, you shouldn't have much of a problem switching into neutral special attacks from mid-powered opponents. Obviously things like Chandera are out of your reach to switch into, but other threats are quite within it with correct judgement.

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